Trump’s “Progressed Sun” has moved into Virgo. What are the implications?

Note: In this post I will be looking at three charts, the natal and progressed charts of Donald Trump and the natal chart for the U.S.A.

Question from housemate Dan, who knows that, unlike our friends, I don’t automatically “hate” Trump: “How do other astrologers see Trump?”

Answer: I suspect we all notice the same obvious things:

1) The  huge, unpredictable, wild card Full Moon birth: Sun/Uranus opposite Moon in mental signs of Gemini and Sagittarius — his mouth seems to spurt out whatever he’s thinking without inhibition, veering to and fro; who knows what comes next? Leaving everyone, including himself, off-balance.

2) The powerful Mars/Ascendant conjunction in late Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus, “King of the Heavens” — which guarantees that his wild card self presents as a roaring, swashbuckling, narcissistic egomaniac who cannot help but dominate the stage.

Neither of the above features is fated; i.e., he does have free will. However these features are automatic — until and unless Trump can “get hold of himself,” move into awareness, recognize the crucial role played by the larger-than-life personality his soul chose for this life, and learn how to work consciously with the massive energies inside and around him.

I imagine that not as many astrologers pay attention to another feature — Trump’s Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, i.e., a strong, unwavering focus on the family. His family, most people think. And no doubt it’s true. And yet, he also demands loyalty among his associates (the Cancerian tribal bond); not surprising, since that Venus/Saturn conjunction is in the 11th house of professional associates. Furthermore, I can’t help but think that Trump, since his presidential campaign, given his tendency to always want more, more —also identifies the entire U.S. and its people as his family. And wants not only to protect this nation, but “make it great again.” That identification would be easy to do. His Venus/Saturn conjunction at 25° and 23° Cancer happens to conjunct the 24° Mercury opposition to the 27° Pluto position of the U.S.A. chart! In other words, Trump dives right in, and may at this point, be captured by, the natal paranoia and need for “security” and authoritarian control that is built right into the natal U.S. psyche.

Meanwhile, I told Dan, just how an astrologer interprets all these factors in the Trump chart depends in part upon his or her own personal view of Trump, and that usually means just how horrible he is — both neo-libs and neo-cons seem in agreement on that! Indeed, it may just be that Trump’s election has forever smashed, disintegrated, or at least, perhaps terminally confused, the two-party divide in the U.S.A. Now that’s a measure of this man’s true (unconscious) power, no?

Trump just isn’t playing the deep state game the way he’s supposed to. Or is he? Sometimes he seems to be; other times he contradicts himself. Is he wise like a fool, or just a fool? Can his presidency be saved? — asks Robert David Steele, who says Trump’s a very smart man who surrounded himself with all the wrong advisors.

Steele still holds out hope for Trump’s promise, as do I. Sometimes I wonder how I can maintain it, given his bloviating egotism; but I still feel that the greater destiny of his presidency can be fulfilled, IF he can learn how to detach from his ego needs and recognize this once and forever historical opportunity to be an instrument that helps serve to turn the hegemonic U.S. ship of state around before it runs into the Titanic.

Which brings me to what I want to post on today, re: Trump. In the background of this post I hold my remembrance of what his eastern “vedic” chart apparently says, namely that this year his “mahadasha,”or dominant planet, is just now changing from pugnacious, impulsive Mars, where it has been for the past six years, to far-seeing, benevolent, generous Jupiter — for the next 16 years! Reason enough for hopium!

But, even in the western tropical system that I use, there is an interesting development that again, has just begun and has long-term ramifications. I speak here of the “secondary progression” of the natal Sun, which, for Trump, only months ago moved from its 30-year progression through Leo to enter the next, and very different, sign of Virgo — again to remain for 30 years!

Now what am I talking about?

Okay, a little primer on “secondary progressions” of the Sun (“solar arc directions” are calculated the same way). The formula is: “one day equals one year.” Thus it’s easy to calculate one’s current secondary progression from the birthday alone: For example, I was born on December 19, when the Sun was at 27° Sagittarius, only three days before the Sun moved into Capricorn. Which means that when I was three years old, my progressed Sun moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn, where it remained for 30 years (moving one degree per year). And it’s true, a big change happened around the time of that switch. In fact, from the time I was three years old, I refused to be touched. The original freedom-loving, cheerful Sagittarian child turned inward, fearful, and obedient (not that Capricorn always manifests that way). Next, starting when I was 33, came 30 years in the social sign of Aquarius (much more compatible with Sagittarius than was “too serious” Capricorn); and now, since I was 63, my progressed Sun has been moving through Pisces (where I must learn to marry heart and head, Love and Truth).

Check out your own chart’s progressed Sun. All you need is the birthday, which gives you the degree of the sign that you were born in. Simply subtract that number of degrees from 30 to get the year when the Sun will enter the next sign — and stay there for 30 years. From then on, there will be an overlay, or patina, of that progressed sign upon the original Sun sign nature. Not that this nature disappears, but its influence will be modulated by its progressed shift into the next sign, which then, remember, happens every thirty years, from one sign to the next. It’s not hard to recognize these 30 year periods of your life —which BTW, will most likely not dovetail with the Saturn cycles, though they are also are nearly 30 years long.

Remember, as I pointed out recently — 

FINALE: Are we witnessing the agonizing end of the New World Order?

— time moves in cycles, many times, many cycles, all of them interpenetrating.

Now back to Trump. I already told you that his progressed Sun has just moved into Virgo from Leo. This happened late in his campaign for the presidency.

For Trump, born when the Sun was at almost 23* Gemini, 7 years later it moved into Cancer. From 7 to 37 years old, his focus was on the family. It would be interesting to see what happened when the progressed Sun went over his Venus/Saturn conjunction. That would have been when he was 30 to 32 years old, and did, in his case, correlate with the first Saturn return. Again, I leave it for others to do the research and correlate.

His Leo period began when the Cancer period ended, and again, lasted for 30 years, but much of it somewhat muted, as the progressed Sun was then traveling through the shadowy 12th house. Then the climax: as the Sun moved, one degree per year, towards pugnacious, courageous Mars, at 26 Leo° and then crossed his karmic 29° Leo Ascendant, his rise to prominence was inevitable.

Of course he loved it, the adulation, the star quality, the big audiences. It all met with his natal need to be bigly admired.

But wait a minute. What happened?

The progressed Sun, of course, kept moving, and left Leo for Virgo, 0° Virgo.

All of a sudden, for it probably did seem all of a sudden, he was supposed to forget all the adulation and get down to work. Attend to and master details, think things through carefully, learn how to carefully discern wheat from chaff, serve others from behind the scenes. All Virgo qualities. Huh? Doesn’t compute! “That’s not me,” he must have thought, and still thinks. He’d much rather be out in front, leading the charge.

It’s important to realize that every sign corrects the excesses of the sign before it. The zodiac is itself an evolutionary process. Thus the excesses of Leo — its beautiful self-expression bloated into narcissism — must sacrifice the need for constant praise and buckle down to the day to day work of attending to whatever is in front of him. Boring details! Little shit! No fun! Hard work!

Yep. And let me say here that even if Trump decides to bag it, to let go of the presidency because it’s not as much fun as he had hoped, he will still have his progressed Sun in Virgo to deal with! That won’t change. He has to buckle down in one way or another, and he must do so for 30 long years. Better to get used to it, better to truly learn to serve others rather than to expect others to admire him. The life lesson is clear. I hope he picks up on it.

BTW: Note also that benevolent, protective Jupiter is now conjuncting the Ascendant of his progressed chart, in Libra. I.e., one-to-one communication can enlarge the context of every situation: note his personal, one-to-one talks with Putin. Plus, huge stellium in Leo involving Saturn/Moon/Pluto/Mercury: he must learn, and I sense he is learning, how to transform and deepen the way he expresses himself. Plus Mars/Neptune conjunction in the shadowy 12th house for the past few years: much confusion, deception, wishful thinking, big dreaming — inside him, and around him. No fun. Flailing about in the murk of the collective unconscious.

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4 Responses to Trump’s “Progressed Sun” has moved into Virgo. What are the implications?

  1. Ann, we just realized the August 21 eclipse will fall very near Trump’s Progressed Sun, on top of the other potent connections it makes to his chart! Should be very interesting to watch what is in store for him. May he — and all beings — wake up!!

  2. Kieron says:

    “It’s important to realize that every sign corrects the excesses of the sign before it.” Valuable insight for this novice.

    And I feel 45 is our national Shadow being given form, whom we must come face to face with if we are to survive. One wonders about the multiple birth dates of America and how that all fits into this story.

  3. alex simack says:

    Nice work Ann. If Trump can make it thru the next few months I believe he still has a potential for greatness.

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