Of military boneyards, energy consumption — and rabbit holes

Remember, for the MIC, the point is not necessarily to fight or win wars — though of course they must dangle an enemy (especially, Russia) in front of American noses to justify the trillions spent. No. the real point is just to continue build new weapons. That’s where the profit lies.

Can you imagine a more destructive industry? Not just the millions of people killed and thousands of places bombed, but the continuous extraction of Earth’s resources to construct all this heavy stuff that turns into junk? Oh yes, and remember that “The American military is the single largest consumer of energy in the world.”

So yeah, of course they have to continue to guard those oil fields in the mideast. Though I’ve heard that the real reason for the mideast as the primary killing ground is because it contains “stargates.” You might want to check out that rabbit hole, one of the amazing points Kerry Cassidy makes as Robert David Steele turns the tables and interviews her. Can you imagine all the info (and disinfo, she would be the first to admit that the two are often confused and confusing) she’s collected through her years listening to whistleblower testimony?

Robert David Steele interviews Kerry Cassidy re: Secret Space Program


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  1. annick says:

    The UFO

    Year 1967. San Francisco.
    T. and I were walking down the street on a bright late morning.
    Of course we were stoned. Like any other hippies, we had accompanied our breakfast with a sturdy joint. But not the two guys ahead of us: dark suits, ties, briefcase in hand, they were what we called “straights.” And they had stopped walking, both of them looking up at the sky in consternation.
    So we stopped walking too and looked up at the sky to see what had arrested them: at a good distance to be only a fat pin point, a mysterious aircraft stood in the sky, motionless.
    What I immediately noticed was that it shone unlike any earthly metal, may it be silver, iron, zinc, aluminum, or any other white metal. This shine took my breath away.
    Then I noticed that, even though the mysterious object was stationary, a white shiny wake shimmered behind it. Seen from my distance, it was about 2 inches long.
    The immediate thought came to me that anyone capable of creating such pure beauty could only be thoroughly benevolent.
    As T. and I, like the two straight men ahead of us, stood in complete awe, spellbound, our feet glued to the pavement, the impossible happened: the mysterious aircraft went into motion straight back from us and disappeared in a split second, gone from sight faster than it took us to blink an eye. Whatever our earthly aircrafts do, may it be a plane or a satellite, they always fly into a curve parallel to the horizon. This aircraft went backward from the horizon, leaving us utterly stunned.
    Following that split second of disappearance, I began to jump up and down, screaming: “Don’t leave me behind! Oh, please, take me home!” At which point the two straight men turned around and looked at me as if I were totally insane.
    T. and I stayed 8 years together, and we never discussed what we had seen that morning. Today, I am 70 years old and it’s the first time I tell the story.
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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