August 21st Solar Eclipse: Trump’s chart, the triggered U.S. Aquarian Moon, and Techie Xanadus

As we begin to reach for the Solar Eclipse of August 21, I notice that the eclipse point, 28° Leo happens to fall, not just on Trump’s Ascendant/Mars combo,

but almost exactly opposite the U.S. Moon at 28° Aquarius.


Which means, in turn, that the U.S. Moon (the public, public mood) also falls exactly on Trump’s Descendant (opposite the Ascendant, cusp of the 7th house of the other, the partner) — something I haven’t noticed before! No wonder the public picked up on Trump’s energy.

One wonders if this eclipse, and its obvious ties to both the U.S. and Trump’s charts, will excite the U.S. public into open rebellion (Aquarius) against the more and more obvious oligarchic tendencies of the 1% — and this includes the gee-whiz techie wonder-filled Xanadus so brilliantly lampooned in Dave Eggers book, The Circle, which, BTW,  I bought at the airport to read during our shamanic journey through primal Mongolia and Siberia. The contrast — between cultures that still resonate with mysteriously powerful Earth energies and what is being simulated, digitized and blown to smithereens — felt deeply instructive. As I said in an earlier post, attunement to Earth energies is the antidote to a robotic transhumanist future.

The Billion Dollar Palaces of Apple, Facebook and Google


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