FINALE? Are we witnessing the agonizing end of the New World Order?

It’s tempting to think so. And to say “it’s about time!”

Meanwhile, let me offer a little primer on the nature of Time in this solar system. Please bear with me, for it may even help you be at peace with what are otherwise incomprehensible and very painful current breakups in your own life.

My study of astrology has taught me that rather than being linear — conceived as points on a line, one dimensionless momentary point after another from a frozen past that is either longed for or regretted to an imagined future that is either eagerly or woefully anticipated, i.e., a “time” that actually is not, and cannot ever be present, since we are always casting to or fro from that momentary point that passes so quickly that we never catch hold — instead of this kind of “time” that drives humans crazy, solar system Time actually moves in continuously interpenetrating cycles.

From Earth’s point of view, see each “planet” as a cycle that carves out its own arc in space through time. In fact, the meaning of the planet IS its cycle.

Thus each planet’s cycle, when its completion is recognized consciously, endows human life with “meaning.” This meaning is derived from reflection on the experiences in life encompassed by that particular cycle in its entirety. (Notice the “aha” that often comes when we begin again, and, as if for the first time, recognize what the last cycle was all about!)

Imagine each cycle with a cross inside and its four turning points that form a cross: initiation (0°), opening square (90°), opposition (180°), closing square.

Only two solar system cycles are obvious to us westerners, those of the Moon and the Sun. We take note of the 29.5 day monthly cycle, via weekly turning points: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Closing Quarter. Likewise, those of us still tuned into Earth’s seasonal processes celebrate the yearly cycle of the Sun, its quarter cycles signified by Equinoxes and Solstices.

Venus and Mercury have cycles between Moon and Sun, though they are not as obvious to us.

The next cycle out is that of Mars, around two years long: Imagine one of your two-year cycles. Easy to do! Many relationships, housing, work and other commitments just “happen” to complete, whether or not we want them to, in two years. Likewise the “terrible twos,” when a child feels and exhibits the willful, impulsive, self-centered, independent qualities of Mars flooding body/mind for the very first time. The quarter-cycles for Mars are 6-months long.

The next cycle out, Jupiter is twelve years long, and thus completes at ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, etc. Again, work and relationship cycles often fall under Jupiter’s rubric, and its internal structural changes or turning points of three years, six years, and nine years. My marriage to Jeffrey Joel ended after twelve years, when he died of a heart attack. Jupiter is the cycle of opportunity, blessings. He died leaving me a legacy, which I have poured into the Green Acres Village and Urban Farm.

Of course, the big bugaboo for humans is the 29-30 year cycle, that of Saturn (and its 7.5, 15, 21 year quarter cycles). Those of us who have lived longer than 30 years, and even more significant, those of us who have lived longer than 60 years, recognize the Saturn cycle for its vast import in organizing and reorganizing one’s relationship to society as a whole via the growth, stabilization, and release of one’s own “ego.” During the first cycle of Saturn we learn the rules and roles of the society we were born into (we are “programmed,” and/or we resist the programming). In the second cycle, if we have appreciated the entirety of the first cycle as foundation, then we can begin again, this time to forge an individual ego “identity” that relates to society but is not dominated by it. And in the third cycle (ages 60-90), again, if we managed to review the entirety of the second cycle in a manner that sees how “one thing led to another,” i.e., that creates meaning, then we can consciously release our “identity project” to serve the greater whole by virtue of the wisdom we have gained from our experiences through the first two cycles of Saturn.

Imagine all these cycles interpenetrating, all the time. Imagine each of us standing in the very center of an infinite universe, feet grounded into Earth, head open to the sky,  our ongoing  relationship to this local solar system set at the moment of our birth. Saturn, for example, occupied a certain degree of a certain sign when you were born. Approximately 29-30 years later, Saturn returns to that same degree, and begin another cycle. By contemplating the nature of that first Saturn cycle as an entirety, we recognize how it has formed us, who we have gradually become by virtue of experiences we encountered in relationship to the society into which we were born, especially at its turning points of 7, 15, 21 and 30 years.

Beyond Saturn, the planets of Uranus (84 years), Neptune (165 years) and Pluto (248 years) signify processes that are, except for Uranus, too long for a single lifetime. These energies signify powerful impulses within the deep unconscious mind that we do not understand, but that we are subject to nonetheless. They manifest gradually through changes in the zeitgeist, or world-wind. Those with personal planets connected to these outer planets are charged with the possibility of serving as pioneers, geniuses, world-changers.

Notice that with any cycle, most of us appreciate the first half and then hate or deny or try to avoid the second half! That’s because we still think of time as a line, and therefore any break in that line as failure! Rather than recognize the natural spiralling growth and decay of any organic process, we try for example,  to “stay young” (or at least appear young) forever. And, of course, we “hate” death, the inevitable end to our own personal life cycle — and try to avoid it forever, too.

Marriage and other institutions are attempts to capture the multi-cyclic processes of time into visible and invisible structures that hold aliveness in place, thus, ultimately get stuck and stagnate, run out of vitality. Ultimately, to continue something beyond its natural end point doesn’t work. Everything moves, grows, decays, falls apart sooner or later. It’s well to be at one with the process rather than try to avoid it.

In my own life this year, for many of those in my immediate circle — some in their mid-20s, others in their early 50s — long-term relationships are breaking up, completing. And some are endeavoring to actually complete their cycles consciously, with kindness and mutual understanding, rather than “go down” in fury and defeat. Over and over again I find myself (as crone, moving through the third cycle of Saturn) called upon, to witness these closures, and for counsel.

During this period in history, when our society is experiencing the gradual unraveling effects of the historic square between two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto (2011-2016), we are all both participant in and witness to unpredictable Uranus combined with depth charge Pluto as they fracture long-standing institutional frameworks world-wide.

Though subject to the same Uranus/Pluto disintegrative forces, longstanding institutions in the larger social and cultural order take more time to fracture and break down. Even so, it’s obvious that this is occurring now, for the U.S., beginning in a dramatic way with the election of Donald Trump, whose wild card Sun/Uranus and pugnacious Mars in Leo on the Ascendant combine to serve as a wrecking ball to the so-called Deep State.

We do seem to be witnessing the descent of the “exceptional” American Empire, the “Project for a New American Century” that never got off the ground. Even the Pentagon is acknowledging it, though trying like hell to prevent the inevitable.

Pentagon Study Declares American Empire Is “Collapsing”

Segue to John McCain, that old warhorse who was sounding increasingly addled, and turns out to have harbored an aggressively growing brain tumor. The ugly pattern of John McCain’s stamp upon the peoples houses of Congress is over. Done. Even though, of course, he thinks he’s coming back.

Remember: for those who live in linear rather than cyclical time, death, or, in this case, “failure to return,” always signals defeat.

“No more woe is me:” Senator McCain vows quick return to Washington

Meanwhile, on the economic front, Russia and China are starting to trade in yuan and gold, rather than petrodollars. If they can convince Saudi Arabia to do the same thing, then the rest of the mideast will follow. This takes the wind out of our capacity to wage our wars with other people’s money. — Engdahl

Russia and China declare war on the U.S. Petrodollar

However,  as futurist Lada Ray puts it, remember that Russia and China, whose older, more advanced cultures are more oriented to the long run than upstart, adolescent U.S., they know that since the entire world is so interconnected, the great shift to a multipolar world must be done gradually, rather than precipitously.


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  1. Janice Berndt says:

    Thank you for your descriptions of the planetary cycles…very clearly explained and easy to grasp. The article on the petrodollar helped to explain the links between the US and Saudi Arabia which I didn’t know.

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