Initial notes on upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse, August 21 2017

Update, same hour as published: Immediate correction, according to a long term friend of mine who also witnessed the solar eclipse back then in Idaho and also found the Harmonic Convergence one of those times that she remembered where she was. I suspect that those of my vintage (born in ’40s and ’50s) who were “New Age” at the time, also remember . . .

Here’s the note from Ellen:

Hey Ann,    the total eclipse that passed through Idaho was In Feb of 1979.  Chuck, Margie and I drove to the middle of Idaho, Lewiston, to experience it.   We even made the Idaho Statesman’s with pictures and story.    A very memorable time. Still have the newspaper from that date.
The Harmonic convergence in 1987,  I was in New Mexico up at the edge on the Sandia Mountain over looking Albuquerque,  was quite a sight.    I hopeful time.
I can’t help but yell at the television like Trump.  Yep,  it is in us too.
love,  Ellen

I happened to be traveling north from Twin Falls to Ketchum through the southern Idaho desert in March 1987 (but see note above; I wondered also about the date, and saw two possibilities; picked the first one for its 30 year symmetry — one of those “alternative facts”!) when the intense shadow of the last full Solar Eclipse to cross America moved across the landscape. The feeling was unmistakenly eerie. I will never forget stopping my car, getting out, and remaining there, transfixed, by the side of the road, for its duration. That was 30 years ago, one Saturn cycle!

Also, in 1987, if you recall, we experienced the first global meditation event, during the much anticipated Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17. During that event, I was the invited astrologer for a group of people in the Tetons who were up from California with Gay Luce, a spiritual teacher. This happened to be another significant event for me personally, because, at around midnight, when a group of us had been twirling like Sufis in a giant ceremonial yurt for what seemed hours, I suddenly received an internal message, via “the voice” that has instructed me at rare, crucial, crossroad times since I was 26 years old. This time the direction was unmistakably clear.


What did it mean? I knew what it meant. And shuddered in the recognition. I would have to return to Massachusetts, for an encounter with my first husband, the father of my children. Why? Because, due to the terrible rift between us, I had not seen or heard from my two sons for six long years. And at the moment when the voice came in, I knew instinctively that until I worked consciously to dissolve their father’s terrible frozen hatred for me, I would not be able to heal the estrangement from my own children.

The story of how I did that, and the fact that he and Patrick were able to do that, despite all the obstacles lining up against our fated encounter, is for another time. Here’s a photo of me with son Colin Cudmore, our reunion lunch taken two days ago, after my Siberia/Mongolia adventure (more on that to come). Colin moved from Massachusetts to Bloomington nearly seven years ago; one year later, he invented the Garden Tower. BTW: Yes, I did give him one of my tacos!

I mention these two occasions (the last total solar eclipse and my experience at the the Harmonic Convergence), because it appears to me that collectively we are due for another big wake up call. On August 21, only days past the 30 year (Saturn cycle) return from the Harmonic Convergence, we are to endure/enjoy an unusual Total Solar Eclipse that will cross the entire land mass of the United States.

Eclipses are mysterious events that signal the fact that there is an apparent very precise design to the cyclic interrelationships among Sun/Moon/Earth so that, at regular, predictable times, the Sun, Earth, and Moon line up in a straight line. What makes eclipses astonishing events, is that when the solar or lunar eclipse is “total,” we recognize that the rims of the Sun and Moon exactly match! This, despite the fact that the Sun is so much larger and so many millions of miles farther from Earth than the Moon. How could that be? What kind of design is this? And just who or what is responsible? And why? Much to ponder here. (Check out David Icke on this subject, for example.)

Meanwhile, let us remember the traditional symbolic meaning of eclipses, that they are portentious, inauspicious events.

In terms of a Solar Eclipse, remember that this occurs when the Moon passes over the Sun at a New Moon, ordinarily the best time to initiate something new. Not so when the New Moon is also an eclipse.

Now to the point I want to make.

The Leo Ascendant/Mars of Donald Trump’s natal chart (on the left, at the horizon, below) happens to coincide with the degree area of the coming Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. Remember that this late Leo placement is that of the royal star Regulus, King of the Heavens.

Also of interest, this August Solar Eclipse will feature a grand trine in fire with Sun/Moon/Mars, the nodes, plus karmic Saturn (Sagittarius) and disruptive Uranus (Aries). This grand trine echoes a similar but more massive grand trine, also with Saturn and Uranus, that was operating 30 years ago, in mid-August, during the Harmonic Convergence!



Amidst all these weird “coincidences” in timing of events and the resonances among their astrological configurations, let us also note that a long-standing trine between Saturn/Uranus has been trying (Saturn), and failing (Uranus) to control/corral/assasinate Trump’s natal bull-in-china-closet Sun/Moon/Uranus opposition since December 2016, even before he was inaugurated. This unremitting vitriolic opposition from what seems like all sides continues full-on until the end of October, trailing off  by year’s end. Plus, Saturn, now retrograde, turns to go direct on August 25, just four days past the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

If Trump is to be “taken down,” I imagine this time period will prove significant. And if the “exceptional” U.S. is due for a reckoning, I imagine this time period will also prove significant. It’s as if Trump’s future is ours; as is his larger-than-life, bloviating personality symbolic of the U.S. Empire’s longstanding larger-than-life winner-take-all attitude towards the entire world. Trump IS us.

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