On my way outta here for “the time being”!

So. As I head out to never never land (Siberia/Mongolia), a bit of gallows humor is in order. Especially since I’m 74 years old, and about to embark on a mighty trek!

I drive to my lifelong friend Mary’s house north of Chicago tomorrow morning. Fly out with five people, including the leader, of our ten-strong shamanic group, Sunday just past noon. Back to Chicago July 11. Drive home July 12. Not sure how long it will take me to reconnect here since, after all, this mighty journey, like nothing else, will check my screen addiction at the door!

Thanks for all the well-wishes. And thank you Rose, for the $100 donation to the cause of this blog! The cause of all of us opening our minds and hearts, shaking ourselves free of the stuck little demons of be-LIE-f systems of all sorts and flavors that keep us apart and feeling superior/inferior — so that we may meet each other, greet each other and the whole wide world round, eye to eye, soul to soul, bathed in the Love of the universe.

Yes, Let us turn our fear into fascination. And what more perfect a fear than Death itself?

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  1. JoAnne says:

    oh shoot I was worried and left a message on your phone.
    You don’t have to call me back. I just checked and re-read that you won’t
    be driving back to Bloomington until the 12th.
    I was getting concerned about nothing-
    A Fan,
    Delaware OH

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