Green Acres Village and Friends: Solstice Gathering, Photos

Green Acres Village and friends took ourselves to Eva’s house out in the countryside for Summer Solstice Ceremony and Celebration this year, telling friends to meet at 6 p.m., with ceremony at 6:30, and dinner at 7:00.

Well, I, for one, got lost (even though I’ve been there before) — by the way, spacey, confusing Neptune turned to go retrograde on the 18th, so it’s been a strange time all around — and luckily, former podmate Briana was in the car with me. We pulled off to the shoulder, Briana found the address, and then directed me with her phone down many narrow, winding back roads to Eva’s house  Meanwhile, the poor people who were gamely following us also stopped, waited for us to go again, and then followed us as we made a quick right turn to all those back roads.

So we didn’t get there until around 6:30, and it turns out, that’s when everybody else started to show up as well — all except for one neighbor who emailed me yesterday to say she had arrived on time, and when she saw no other cars, sat in her car awhile, then saw my son Colin come out of the house and drive away (P.S. he left to get wine), and without speaking to anyone, just started up her car and drove home! So Kathy had her own weird Neptunian experience.

Oh yes, and podmate Dan tells me that our builder, Shy (David) Bunge, all dressed up in his best tie-dye,  sat around here, somehow not having heard where the party was and wondering what the hell happened.

Meanwhile, inside Eva’s spacious house, immediately as I opened the front door, I encountered an amazingly high, loud, excited energy — nearly, but not quite chaotic.

Hmmm, I wondered, and I’m sure Mariella was also wondering . . . will we be able to do our ceremony now, before dinner? And could we do it outside, rather than in the air conditioned living room? After all, it’s Summer Solstice! We should be outside!

Well, no. Right at the moment of wondering, it started to sprinkle outside — and who knows what that will turn into.

Okay. So the living room it is. We cleared the furniture to the sides, and then Mariella called everybody in, asking us to gather in a large circular pattern. Then she turned it over to Brian, our taiji teacher “in real life,” who had also come to the party!  And believe you me, he IS a master teacher. Quieted that unruly crowd right down like magic, and took us through a short five minute taiji form twice to remind everyone of the nature of “tiger” — the fiery energy of the Sun, at its highest in the sky during Summer Solstice.

I think we were all astonished at how we all moved, within a few minutes, thanks to Brian’s invocation and intonation, into an entirely altered energetic: focused, slow, intense, and yes, very moving, all of us moving as one.

I was so taken with this phenomenal energetic shift that I forgot to ask Briana to read us one of her poems, and my “talk” on the astrology of the moment was a bit lame. . .  but it really didn’t matter. We did it. We ceremonied. And then we celebrated. Lots of food, of course, and afterwards, as we had announced beforehand, the instruments came out, for singing and dancing with drums and guitars.

I did dance, in fact one might say that I started everybody dancing, for about 30 minutes, and then, as usual, left the party early, around 9 p.m. I heard that it continued for nearly three more hours.

Here are some pics of the dinner while everybody was eating, all taken within about two minutes . . . I noticed later, how many multigenerational connections are here, especially Moms of adult children. YES!

Mariella’s Mom, on the left, is currently visiting her daughter from New Jersey.

A few people tried out the piano DURING dinner . . .

My son Colin Cudmore on the left. Aaron in back, with Logan just sitting down.

Brian, our magical taiji teacher, on one end of the couch, Mariella on the other. Aaron’s Mom on left.

Mariella’s mom, again.

Our hostess, Eva, with Bryn and Duncan’s new puppy. Thanks, Eva!

Eva’s Mom Wanda, in summery blue dress.

Briana, down at the left end of the table. So good to see and be with her again!

So there we are! And though it’s “summertime,” and “the livin'” is no longer “easy,” we do manage to corral the phenomenally polarizing energies currently bombarding this beleagured planet anytime we clearly do set and hold that as our common intention.

Let us learn from this experience, eh?



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  1. rose day says:

    What a lovely way to mark the beginning of your up-coming sojourn…have fun!

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