As I prepare for lift-off to Siberia/Mongolia . . .

I find myself less and less able to focus here on this blog. And in fact, may stop altogether after taking pics from this evening’s Solstice event and posting them tomorrow. And, BTW: Happy Summer Solstice! It’s already happened folks, at just past midnight, last night, EDT.


Meanwhile, here are a few zingers for you to contemplate:

First: Michael Snyder appreciates Ron Paul’s attitude towards the IRS.

Ron Paul: “When I say cut taxes, I don’t mean fiddle with the code . . .”

Next, courageous Amber Lyon (former CNN reporter), says CNN provides “advertorials for dictators.” Whooee! Great line!

And to top it all off:

BTW: I’ve finally managed to watch the first of Stone’s hour-long interviews with Putin, and find it fascinating. To actually see/feel the Russian heartland and its peoples from a loyal Russian servant’s point of view — plus what happened to this vast land during the early ’90s (something that we in the U.S. may be facing soon, unless we turn the situation around now — see Steele’s proposal above), then the seemingly miraculous, gradual improvement of desperate living conditions after Putin came to power in 2000. The other three interviews will have to wait until my return. 

The Putin Interviews

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  1. alex simack says:

    Godspeed on your journey Ann.

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