Chaos or Creation: Which do we choose? The view from far and near.

This morning, on walk with puppy Shadow, I ran into some long-term neighbors, two women who are no longer a “couple,” or are they? In any case, I love them both very much and we stood there yucking for quite some time, talking about, among other things, how one of them self-identifies as a lesbian and the other one does not. “You’re a human,” I venture. “Yes! I’m just me!” she replies. Which reminds me of a great rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine that I came across just last night:

Meanwhile, the contrast, the incredible contrast. Just yesterday, at least two mass shootings in this country alone. Or was it three? One, at an early morning baseball practice in D.C., the other at a U.P.S. place in San Francisco. And I do recall yet a third one, but can’t figure out where I saw that reference. Meanwhile, these have become so common as to nearly feel ho-hum. Clearly, blow-back from continuous American violence abroad.

If it weren’t for the fact that one of the shooters targeted Republican congressmen, we wouldn’t even bother to notice. On the other hand, comedian(?) Kathy Griffin’s fake bloody decapitated head of Donald Trump, followed by his mock assasination — what do we expect? The level of national discourse, over the past few years, and ramped up by Trump’s own rhetoric, has become fragmented, extreme, rude, not just polarized, but fractured into a million shards, each of which threatens to become a weapon of mass distraction, getting attention by yelling something peculiar and then shooting bullets or words in the direction of the imagined enemy.

And, what’s astonishing, I see/feel none of that here at home — in my heart, household, village, or neighborhood. I see very little of it in my town, Bloomington, Indiana, and though I know it’s threaded through this sadly sickened society, and know it’s fueled by alcohol, drugs, desperate poverty, trauma-based conditioning of many kinds, and a growing possibly Soros-sponsored frenzy, all of which is meant to bring in Chaos, so out of it can come Order, yep, that ever longed for New World Order.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but think of each one of the lone (read: lonely) male shooters (both of whom, of course, died yesterday in the carnage they instigated), and wonder if they were somehow mind-controlled. The shooter Hutchinson (baseball game) apparently was a facebook Trump-hater, and I don’t know about the other one, but I wonder if each or both of them might have been somehow “instructed” by some kind of technology that invades the brain, to do what they did, after having been targeted by alphabet agency trolls who monitor fb and other social media to find likely Manchurian Candidates.

I wouldn’t be surprised if soon we will see near-simultaneous mass-shootings, basically announcing, through their choreography, that what we suspect is not just true, but blatantly in-your-face: The accelerating Chaos is all (or mostly) designed, deliberate, and meant to bring us to our knees, begging for that Order from above.

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to detect what’s just a spontaneous uprising of strong feeling that then gets projected out into mayhem and murder and what’s zombie behavior of those whose minds have been targeted and taken over.

Meanwhile, back in paradise . .  .

Today I will harvest and preserve a bunch more kale from the garden; Shy and Dan are right now going to the house where the big strong bamboo stalks are — Nezhla and I checked out the site yesterday — to harvest and bring back for the stalled fence project; it rained last night, a lot, so we don’t have to water gardens today. Yes!

From what I gather, lots of people are planning to participate in our Solstice event. Here’s the final invite, which went out on fb, and to the Next Door and GANA and local permie lists:


Wednesday, June 21. Starts at 6 p.m. Brief ceremony 6:30 p.m. (with Salutations to the Sun, a bit of tai chi, poetry, and an astrological talk about the meaning of Summer Solstice). Community Dinner 7 p.m. Music and dancing afterwards. Children welcome! Bring your instruments and anything you want to share with friends and neighbors of your full summertime expression!

NOT at Green Acres Village. Instead, out in the country, ten minutes from here, at Eva’s house, with plenty of room to roam:

Hope to see you soon!

That’s on the 21st. Two days later I leave for Chicago and my childhood friend Mary’s house. Will leave car there, and board a plane on the 25th for Ulan Bator — traveling to Siberia and Mongolia for two weeks with a shamanic group.

I know, I know: SIBERIA? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? Well, it’s on my bucket list, has always been on my bucket list. So has Mongolia. Remember, I lived in a yurt in the Wyoming mountains for many many years.

I’ll bring back plenty of pics and do a few adventure stories on this blog once I return home.

So it’s a full full life of beautiful aliveness pulsing inside me, radiating out to all those who are also gifting their full aliveness without getting dragged into the ghastly stupidity of hatred and violence that threatens to engulf the entire world.

Keep on centering, folks. Keep on doing our daily practices, giving and receiving love, and above all, clearing our own stuckness, so that the huge energy influxes now bathing earth have room to roam — through us humans! Stay in our hearts. Be at one with ourselves, each other, the planet, and the entire cosmos. AMEN!

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3 Responses to Chaos or Creation: Which do we choose? The view from far and near.

  1. annick says:

    May your shamanic journey into Mongolia and Siberia be guided and blessed.
    If I ship-shape into a tiny fly so as not to take any room, can you slip me into your heart and take me with you? 🙂

  2. mel condit says:

    Thanks for sharing your remarkable insight .
    You on fire girl
    What amazingly beautiful moments we beings are journeying through
    so thanks for being a voice of affirmation/confirmation
    Fondly with respect in peace, Mel

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