Alt-Epistemology: How to parse our disputes when we really don’t know for sure who is “right?”

And what if no one (and everyone) is “right”? What if we’re all on a more or less wavering path towards more and more expansive comprehension of relativities in this 3D world of dueling dualities?

Hmmmm.  . . I  notice that two years ago I put up a post about Kerry Cassidy’s take on Corey Goode.

What is real? Kerry Cassidy on Corey Goode reminds me of Colin Andrews on Crop Circles

So I’ve been aware of Corey all this time? (I had forgotten!)

During these past several weeks I’ve been both following and staying clear of the dispute that has flared up re: Corey Goode and “the Blue Avians,” his connection to David Wilcock, and Gaia TV, its founder, etc. Even though people whom I love and trust have been captivated by both Corey and Wilcock, their interactions and presentations. And even though I’ve been a slightly eyebrow-raised fan of Wilcock for years — there’s just something in me that steers clear away from his duet with Corey Goode. I haven’t known why, but I trust my own inner awareness, and how it directs me to what I’m supposed to pay attention to. Not because it’s “true” — who knows what’s “true”? and usually, “relatively true for whom and why and how?” — but because for some reason that inner direction is instructing me how to proceed, both in my inner evolution and my path in the outer world.

Then I came across the recent Bill Ryan piece, on fb, as I recall, and his subsequent  interview series with Daniel Lizst (Dark Journalist), for example, the first one —

— and found myself captivated. Not because I thought Ryan was right, because again, who knows? but because he made some astounding claims, which were then amplified by Daniel Lizst, whom I’ve always respected. (His interviews with Ryan apparently inspired Lizst to then conduct a new interview series, which he calls “New Age Deep State” (love the title!)). Though I’ve only barely listened to parts of  the Ryan interviews, I did notice that much of what Lizst and even Ryan seem to imply about Corey is through innuendo and character assasination.

And that made me hesitate to watch further videos of any kind from Daniel Lizst, formerly, for me, one of my regulars! So there I was, skeptical of both Ryan/Lizst and Corey Goode! Not just not knowing who to beLIEve, but especially, wondering what I should even allow into my psyche, given limits on time and space and the fact that it’s gardening season to the max right now, so my interests are naturally turned toward the flourishing of our Green Acres Village and Urban Farm.

I also watched Kerry Cassidy’s several recent appraisals of Corey Goode, for example —

— which gave me further pause, especially discovering that Corey had contacted her in the first place, rather than the other way around. I know that for me, in any publication I have run, including this one, I’m not inclined to interview anyone who asks me to. The invite has to come from me, otherwise it smells advertorial.

Okay, fast forward until today, when I came across Will Bergdorf’s recent “channelling” as “Cosmic Awareness,” concerning which to beLIEve, Lizst/Ryan or Corey Goode? Cosmic Awareness came down decidedly on the “side” of the former, which surprised me, since he also introduced this material with a long intro as to why we should cultivate our own garden and not judge anybody or take sides.

The Corey Story: Questions for Cosmic Awareness

On the other hand, Cosmic Awareness was, he claims, speaking from the point of view of a detached awareness, 5th dimensionality, I would call it, looking down at this 3D duality-infused world, where we take sides and see things in black and white, competition between them, and winner-take-all. From within that higher perspeective, Cosmic Awareness does, thankfully, seem detached.

I especially noted his mention of Jordan Sather (one of my new regulars) and Michael Salla (a respected exopolitical journalist), who have both been drawn into Corey’s orbit. This orbit has now, Cosmic Awareness claims, been smoothed by Corey being “groomed” as a Milabs victim to play a certain kind of role by the ones who work behind the scenes to keep us all confused. Might Sather and Salla, by commiting themselves to this cause, perhaps remain there no matter what, since it’s so hard for anyone’s ego to admit mistakes?

In order to further investigate the Cosmic Awareness channel’s point of view, I looked back at a post from about a year ago where he was looking at negative judgments that had been made about both Simon Parkes (still one of my regulars) and Zen Gardner (who has since disappeared from the blogging scene) —

— and came away having a more rounded perspective of the man, oops, er, ah — of the disincarnate spirit (likely an higher self aspect of Will Berlinghoff). And basically, I like his attitude. I like his consistent 5D point of view on all our fractious divisions. It’s refreshing, this kind of neutrality in a world gone mad with fury at whoever one perceives as an opponent.

On the other hand, I am going to continue to “keep my mind open” to whatever. And to follow my own gut as to what to attend to next in the present moment.

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, the Goode brouhaha is beginning to feel very much like alternative noise and calls to mind an age-old diversion of attention gimmick that presents small muck-ado as earth-shattering while huge muck-ado slips quietly under the radar.

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