Part II: Revelations of Financial Whistleblower Ronald Bernard

Parts 3, 4 and 5 are expected soon! For Part I, see this:

We are very fortunate to have Ronald Bernard as our teacher.

Part II consists of his consistently brilliant, elemental articulation of the hierarchy of power, in layers starting from the top — those who govern the Bank of International Settlements, set up in 1930, on down through the World Bank and IMF, then the national banks (like the Federal Reserve here), then the other smaller banks, then the transnationals, then the national governments, and then, only then, the people, at the very bottom. Groveling, constantly sending their money (from interest on expanding loans) back up to the top.

Interesting that he places transnationals only slightly above national governments! 

On and on. He shows how banks, basically, rule. And BTW, just like we were intensely alarmed by the provisions of the TPP that would have made it immune to feedback, criticism, and justice, so too the BIS — and the City of London, and Vatican City, and he District of Columbia — are each set up as independent entities, separate, free, sovereign, not beholden to the laws of the nation in which they reside. In other words, the transnationals were trying to do what the international banks have been doing all along!

More, much more. This man, who, remember, says he “was in training to be a psychopath, and I failed,” is now our treasure. Again, we are very fortunate to have him help wake us all up to the way the fiat economic system actually works.  

Revelations from a former international financier: Ronald Bernard interview part 2

Ronald Bernard, a former high-powered financier who reveals the hellish world and behavior of those involved in the business of Big Money.

This first interview with Ronald Bernard went viral and there were more than 20 million views worldwide. We received a lot of replies, and many questions were asked. That is why we did decide to record more interviews than the two we planned. Soon we will publish a few extra video’s at DVM-TV.

In part 2 Ronald Bernard explains the Pyramid of Power and how this affects our daily lives. Ronald shows us that rich is getting richer and more powerful day by day. And why the mass often lives from scarcity. At the end of the interview you can watch a preview of the upcoming Part 3.
With English subs (Dutch spoken).


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