Friday, June 9, 2017: Jupiter turns direct almost exactly one hour after Full Moon in Sagittarius!

I consider this exacting conjunction of significant astrological events portentious. Why? Because first of all, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the Full Moon sign. And secondly because Jupiter, traveling retrograde since February 6th, will turn to go direct, thus resuming its expansive, generous, fortunate capacity, not even one hour past the Sagittarian Full Moon!

Full Moon chart:

Jupiter stations, turns to go direct:

As you can see, the patterns in these charts are nearly identical. The only obvious differences lie in the placement of the entire planetary pattern with regard to the angles of the chart (horizontal and vertical lines, forming a cross). The Full Moon chart features expansive Jupiter near the I.C. angle at the bottom; the Jupiter turning chart features unpredictable Uranus at the Midheaven, the top of the chart.

Since Donald Trump also has a Full Moon in Sagittarius birth chart, the energies of this day will echo his own natal signature. Note, BTW: that Full Moon birth, which includes a conjunction of Sun and unpredictable Uranus, is triggered by this Full Moon!

Post-Election, Day One, and the Astrology of Donald Trump

Oh wow! And notice how, in Trump’s chart, his own Jupiter at 17° Libra is near where Jupiter turns on this Full Moon, and also happens to be smack in the middle of Vladimir Putin’s natal stellium in Libra. The expansive echoes of this particular Full Moon ramify to include both these men in their blessing. Let’s hope there can be real diplomatic efforts soon. If Trump wants to be “the greatest president ever,” this is how to begin. And to do so, he must amplify the battering ram aspect of his personality, to plunge through all the neocon/neolib flack he gets on a daily basis for even considering Russia as anything but America’s Eternal Enemy. No big deal, I would think, given his powerful, courageous Mars in Leo on the Ascendant. This man was “born to rule.” And I’m beginning to think he positively enjoys battle on his way to “making deals.” Now that he has “settled in” to the White House, and beginning to grok the D.C. game, I have a feeling that he’s only just begun to show what he’s capable of.

Note that in Friday’s Full Moon chart, Jupiter creates a harmonious wedge (120° to Sun, 60° to Moon) with the Full Moon Sun/Moon opposition, bringing the two together, Gemini and Sagittarius — data and perspective, facts and values. And since Jupiter is in the sign of Libra, the prospects for diplomacy are very real.

Wow, I just now noticed: Jupiter turns at 13° Libra, exactly on the degree of  Putin’s Sun!!!

Astrological chart for Vladimir Putin

The ramifications of this moment in time feel, to me, a double Sagittarian myself, truly uncanny.

Let us all expand to fulfill the unlimited potential of this singular opportunity.


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