Image vs. Essence: Megyn Kelly tries to take on Vladimir Putin

Darn! I wish I had paid attention to the Trump/ Megyn Kelly brouhaha while that drama was going on. But this is the very first time I’ve ever seen her in action! First time to check out her clothes and hair and body language. And wow! What a babe! No wonder Roger Ailes hit on her. (And of course it’s “her fault,” says patriarchy. Men just have these instincts, you know? Testosterone coming outta their ears. They can’t help themselves.)

It’s so interesting how women in the public eye are still judged by their “appearance,” including their clothes, whereas men are lucky, they can just wear “dark suits” (see Putin, his wry reference to Empire’s “men in dark suits — like mine”).

I can’t help it. In this life I’m a female. I look at other females. Look them up and down. Judge them. We turn on each other, don’t you know? It’s a Darwinian universe where scarcity rules.  and we just can’t help but compete for that vaunted “male attention.” Our male-dominated culture depends on this conditioning. But then, as a 74-year-old female, I can play with all this nonsense rather than take it seriously. Which turns it into fun. So, as to Megyn, her rendezvous with Putin:

My first acquaintance was with her weirdly sexy dress, worn, it seemed to me, at some kind of official “business” gathering with Putin,


but actually, it turns out (I think), that this was her provocative dress for a dinner party during her trip to Moscow. Oh, and check out the title for the article I pulled the image from: our very own Washington Post, one of the premier fake news outlets for the PTW.

Megyn Kelly saw an aggressive, peeved, Vladimir Putin. That behavior could hurt him.

Oh wow, I see others have noticed her attire.

NBC ‘s Megyn Kelly meets Putin while dressed like a hooker

Oh wait, it gets better! Here’s People Mag’s version:

Megyn Kelly chooses $990 dress by Israeli designer to meet Vladimir Putin. “Femininity exudes confidence,” says designer.

At the panel, which she moderated, Megyn was dressed more “appropriately,” though, as Bombard’s Body Language (like me, another snarky female) muses, “I wonder if all those chemicals in her hair have gone to her brain” — when it became obvious that Putin was so far ahead of her that she had to make herself still like a bunny rabbit in the headlights to avoid the onrushing truck. Oops! my metaphor has him coming and going: Contradiction. Well so what?  “I contradict myself? So I contradict myself. I contain multitudes.” — Walt Whitman. And besides, show me even one piece of so-called “data” that is not contradicted in at least some parallel universe.

But I digress. Ok. Return to Megyn.

Notice how, at one point, the audience starts laughing. Everybody but Megyn was enjoying this evisceration of her blah blah blah “talking points.” (The ones so familiar to us that they make us yawn.) What was going on inside sexy stilled Megyn’s poisoned brain during this “exchange”? Hard not to feel sorry for her. But then she put herself in that position. What a fool.

As for her Premier NBC Sunday Night Interview, once again, outmaneurvered by the master who played with her like a cat plays with a mouse.

You might want to read both this piece in full, by the LA Times, another PTB mind-control rag, as well as the full piece above by the Washington Post, just to notice how they skew things to make Putin into the bad guy, despite that it’s the U.S. that has been forever the aggressor.

Megyn Kelly gets outmaneuvered by Vladimir Putin on her NBC premier “Sunday Night.”

Ommigoddess! Did she wear the same clothes for this interview as for the panel discussion that she moderated? Doesn’t she know that’s a no-no?

Snark snark.

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  1. rose day says:

    In line with your fashion quips it seems appropriate to add that in the charade that presently poses as main-stream journalism, the over-sized egos appear XXX-Large.

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