George Webb on how “the ratline” works: “It’s just Mena Airport on a global scale”

The “ratline”: the way drugs, money, guns, sex slaves, human organs are moved secretly from one place to another.

“Besides means and motive, I look at modus operandi and meta data.”

“I’m just following the dead bodies. . . Seth Rich is just one of a hundred cases that are going to be solved.”

“This is Iran/Contra, but going east/west, rather than north/south.”

“She controls D.C.”

“The reason you need to go through NATO countries, via C130 traffic, circling from Belgium to Turkey to Afghanistan/Pakistan, back to Turkey, Belgium, then on to D.C., the Office of Naval Intelligence” — is you don’t have to account internationally for what’s going through. 

To those who think that Webb’s astonishing version of the world is farfetched, I’m reminded of Robert David Steele, his view of the real reason for those 1000 overseas bases:

To all of this I would add my most recent statement: that the main reason we have 1,000 military bases all over the world is to facilitate CIA smuggling for the elite of gold, cash, drugs, guns, and small children  — we need to stop that and close all those overseas bases — and repeat my long-standing statement across many books and other works: 70% or more of the secret intelligence community, and especially the NSA programs for spying on and blackmailing US politicians and judges while also doing mass surveillance on the public, are downright evil and should be shut down by our President, Donald Trump.

Hats off to George Webb, internet opensource intelligence investigator extraordinaire. And as he commented, off the cuff, somewhere near the finale of his 223 day (so far) journey, “Isn’t this fun?”


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