George Webb “framed”?

Wow. I thought it was done and it was not done. See his posts for Day 224.  Then, he and Jason were on Infowars. Then, he got “framed” —  he says, by Steve Pieczenik, master spycrafter who wrote Clockwork Orange, and who is associated with infowars. And BTW: Webb says he knew that would happen, and was waiting for it.

Admittedly, I just watched Webb’s long series sporadically, so am not that “schooled” in the data he and his cohort Jason, and their congessional and other insiders, plus internet sources have amassed. But as he says, the clever Pieczenik ruse may not work this time, because of the internet. And, he says, in part 2 of day 224, though those “at the top” (like infowars and Pieczenik) turned out not to be trustworthy, this disappointment is more than mitigated by the thousands of people on the internet who stand behind and who helped source this extraordinary investigation that, in my view, threatens to implode the thick, cancerous, stinking tissue of the massive deep state.

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  1. Dawn Vierra says:

    Thanks Ann for sharing. I had just recently heard of George Webb on Jordan Sathers videos and started watching them this morning. Then your two posts today had these of George Webb. It feels like we are getting down to the nitty gritty with this stuff…at least this portion of corruption. I had felt all along, it didn’t matter democrat or republican, the corruption was there no matter which side. And we as voters, constituents thought it did. WRONG.

    It’s about corruption, greed, power……I hope all are safe now that they made this video.

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, this truly is a time of revelation as ‘citizen journalists’ lead the vanguard. Main stream media seemingly dropped the ball years ago and those in search of truth in reporting turned to alternative news sources for information and many have learned the hard lesson of investing time and energy in accessing ‘shill’ reporting.

    That said, the silver lining has been a gradual reliance on instinct in discerning what is and is not shill reporting. At this stage for me personally, citizen reporters like George Webb et al, do not appear to be promoting a hidden agenda and the information they are sharing has an undeniable ring of truth.

  3. F. M. says:

    We need to watch this very carefully. I’ve followed (somewhat closely) the George Webb series since last December and he is not to be dismissed lightly. He has serious intel connections (he may be Mossad) but given that, he may have his own psy-ops agenda.

    As for Alex Jones, he has grown into a powerhouse, bringing a wrecking ball to the deception of the MSM. BUT… he became highly suspect himself a few months back when he suddenly reversed himself on Pizzagate and fired Joe Biggs and Jakar Jackson. Steve Pieczenik is a very interesting source, but seems exclusively tied to Alex. Mike Cernovich has also joined the Jones team, and many find him a bit odd.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Webb has mentioned that some people may think him Mossad. He also says there are two Mossads, a good one and a newer one that can’t be trusted. Meanwhile, do you have any specific suspicions about what his possible “psy-ops agenda” might be?

      I’m grateful for your comment, and warning, since like many of us (all of us?) I’m always looking for the one person that CAN be trusted, around whom everything else will then revolve. I didn’t realize that I was still in that m.o. until you pointed it out! So THANK YOU!

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