George Webb: Details on “How to Steal an Election”

This material is what is referred to in the post I put up a few hours ago, the one that got them framed, I presume, because of unprotected personal data that they didn’t know was there when they uploaded the contents of a thumbdrive from a whistleblower to the internet. 

I’ve only barely begun to listen to this. And probably won’t continue. Too much detail for me!

So very grateful to the intrepid George Webb, his extraordinary stamina and focus regarding this utterly crucial discovery process that utilizes the open source intelligence that Robert David Steele has been advocating. Utterly astonishing. This is the video that may just pull the plug on the crocodile-invested swamp.

A mega-upload of data regarding the Seth Rich Assassination, DNC fraud and related voter privacy violations and more is being analyzed, provided to Wikileaks and explained to the public simultaneously in real time online. So far, the research and analyses verify that a highly sophisticated covert program was established and used to rig the United States presidential election, as President Trump asserted. Major donation amounts for Bernie Sanders were fraudulently accessed by Hillary Clinton, and voter details including credit card numbers and other personal data have been spread for political reasons.

It is believed that a major file being analyzed online is the same that Seth Rich attempted to disclose, proving one of the biggest scandals in US history.

Hackers have united to bring to the public their investigation and verifiable information that will undoubtedly result in not only lawsuits, but also imprisonment.

Hillary Clinton is central to this dark plan. It appears that Russian officials did try to warn that Seth Rich would be assassinated.

DNC whistleblowers are encouraged to contact the Jason Goodman team.

This is the first public leaker to Wikileaks, as seen in the YouTube video below.

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