More reverberations from Broken Paris Climate Deal

Is this image fear porn?

Note: And see this and this:

Honesty is refreshing, as befits a president with the Moon in Sagittarius.

Trump Dumps Pretense of Altruism from U.S. Foreign Policy

Meanwhile, Russia celebrates, too, surreptitiously.

Putin Sends HUGE Message to Trump re: Paris Climate Agreement

I guess the question I would ask is, can we human learn to live harmoniously by recognizing our interdependence with all of nature on a planet that is alive, and kicking, and has its own agenda, in concert with the rest of our solar system as it hurtles through the galaxy?

Can we do this altogether, in concert with each other, without massive global treaties that also lock us in from the top down and rob us of our sovereignty?

Can we, each of us — or a critical mass of us — agree to move into our own inner divine power so deeply that we radiate that intense harmony out, so that everything we touch changes? So that we become as gods? So that the transformation of the unconscious mind of humanity itself supports love, harmony and unity rather than greed, competition and war? 




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3 Responses to More reverberations from Broken Paris Climate Deal

  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    While mulching my garden this morning, I was thinking about the crazy state of the world and the thinking that keeps us from moving beyond the archaic mindset that drove the arms race of the Cold War. MAD (mutual assured destruction). There is evidence that the military industrial complex furnished the technology (sold) to both sides and thus profited handsomely from the deadly gamble that the leaders of both the United States and the Soviet Union were sane enough not to pull the nuclear trigger.

    We haven’t advanced much if at all. The war on terror and the lack of planetary oneness and thus responsibility is still rather MAD (mutual assured destruction) and the arms manufacturers and the oil companies are reaping the profits.

    What if rather than continue down the road of MADness, we tried something different. MAWB (mutual assured well being) putting our best minds and resources towards assuring that everyone has chance at a peace full life. That in that we recognize that we, humans, are not the only species that has rights.

  2. Janice Berndt says:

    Dear Ann, Your question today: “Can we…agree to move into our own inner divine power so deeply that we radiate that intense harmony out, so that everything we touch changes?” has captured my attention and I intend to take up your challenge!

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