Putin, with one word, demystifies the “deep state”

How? by calling it what it is: BUREAUCRACY! Brilliant! That word makes us yawn, it seems so inconsequential and boring. But phrasing like “deep state” — though it refers to the exact same phenomenon — makes us sit up and pay attention. Language matters! Words are magic!

Note also, Putin’s humorous? remark about “men in dark suits” — which he then adroitly qualifies, ” — like mine. . .”

Let us remember a metaphysical truism, this:  whenever energy materializes into form, that form seeks to survive and grow. There is no end to the forms that once vital, have grown old and thick and calcified and simply, need to die off to be replaced by new forms better adapted to changing conditions. A “bureaucracy” is simply an outdated form that has outlived its usefulness. Sometimes we can pare it back; but often, it simply needs to dissolve.

I’m glad that the meme “deep state” has been invented. It helps us to look anew at how the theater called “democracy” rides on top of something that both seems to support it while sucking it back down under. Yes, indeed! As Trump, who, despite his buffoonish bluster, in a brilliant display of word magic, called it: a SWAMP. And that word too, went viral. And here we are.


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