Jon Rappoport: “One of the great invisible drivers of continued antagonism is the system that has been built to express it.”

Is Sanity between the U.S. and Russia Possible? 

This Rappoport post nails the problem that has no name in 3D reality. No matter what side of any polarity we identify with, the other side exists to balance it, and furthermore, both sides are buttressed by huge, chugging, bureaucratic, ideological and technological, invisible in-your-face apparatuses built over years, decades, sometimes centuries, to support and continue not only that side’s existence, but it’s seeming opposition to the other side’s own chugging, bureaucratic, ideological and technological, invisible in-your-face apparatus.

Back when we called our “enemy” the Soviet Union, I always found it curious that we could express the polarity as S.U. vs. U.S. Mirror-images of one another. The two chugging systems have edges that not just meet, but schmooze together to the point where it’s yes, the Deep State that rules over both, expresses through both, and keeps the whole blind, destructive, ecocidal ball rolling downhill to oblivion.

Kant talked about how we see the world through a filter, and because of this filter, we cannot know reality as it is. He thought the filter was permanent. Others have realized that filters themselves are relative, and even arbitrary. But the filter itself is what we’re talking about here. That monolithic, monomaniacal, monotheistic filter called “western civilization” has been gradually and inexorably shifting free energy into dense materialization. Thick, clunking materialization that allows for fewer and fewer possibilities as time goes on — and none of them include, as Rappoport notes, the vast interior of the individual self, where real power resides, and where the range of expressive possibilities is literally, infinite.

Everything depends on where we consciously focus our attention. Once we detach from our insidious, mind-controlled addiction to manmade systems, once we recognize our personal attunement with the organically evolving processes of Nature, we no longer require those human-made systems. They bore us. They are so massive! So predictable! So stuck!

We court surprises! We invoke aliveness!

Yes. Let us push away from the seductive tit of the massive, corporatized, robotic deep state. It no longer nourishes us. It never did!

Let us free ourselves, shake ourselves loose, blast apart our conceptual and emotional helmets so that we may begin to fully express our beautiful soul’s pre-birth contract when it took up residence in our own tiny body as one unique antenna for this larger Earth body, its mysterious destiny as one pulsing, harmonious member of the greater cosmos.

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