Why am I so drawn to darkness? Because I want us to WAKE UP!

Sister Cathy Cesnick, who was murdered. Why? Image: Netflix.

I do sometimes wonder about my propensity to focus on the very worst that the human race has to offer. Along with both writing, speaking and acting on templates for what might become the very best (see, for example, www.greenacresvillage.org), I contrast our beautiful new world of earth and community regeneration with a simultaneous and seemingly obsessive focus on the very worst that operates behind the scenes, everywhere, fueling the entire predatory political, religious, and capitalist system.

“WHY do I focus on darkness, when I could just bask in the light? Is something wrong with me?” Oops! That’s my old Catholic conditioning rearing its head. There must be something wrong with me if I go against the grain. Wake up, Ann!

Even now, most of those in my immediate circle are either not aware, or in denial, and/or truly terrified of facing, head-on and with out flinching, the disgusting, murderous underworld gunk that infects the entire global civilization. And until a critical mass of us do wake up, nothing will change.

So. Yesterday evening and the evening before, after work in the garden I found myself glued to the screen, watching episodes 1-3 (out of 7) of “The Keepers,” a Netflix documentary that delves into the social context and complexity of the backstory to the murder of a young, energetic Catholic nun in Baltimore, Sister Cathy Cesnick, back in 1969. Of interest especially to me, are both the community cover-up (the main pedophile priest happened to be also the chaplain for the police department) and the Catholic immersion: Catholic schooling, Catholic rituals (First Communion, confession, etc.), Catholic guilt, shame, blame, Catholic authority figures (priests), and how all this can and has set the scene for mind controlled sexual abuse of children. Much like MK Ultra, some psychologically sophisticated Catholic priests know how target likely victims, split their young minds into disassociated personalities, and thus ensure not just “obedience,” but “silence,” and even unwilling, utterly confused, shame-filled amnesiac complicity.

I am reminded of my own youth, and how much of a Catholic “saint” I endeavored to be, reading “The Lives of the Saints” over and over again, how St. Andrew was roasted on a split, and when one side was done, asked to be turned over . . .

It took me until I was 26 years old to wake up to the extent to which I had been mind-controlled by god-fearing Catholic theology and culture. Which makes me admire very much those who, like my young friend Kelsey, told her mother when she was five years old that the parish priest made her feel like she was a bad person and her mother said, well then, we just won’t go to church anymore. Astonishing, both Kelsey’s awareness at such a young age and her mother’s conscious belief in and protection of her daughter.

In the middle of the night, two nights ago, the signal for an “Amber Alert” on my phone. A three-year-old in nearby Columbus Indiana, disappeared. I used to think that Amber Alerts were just fear-mongering, until I started researching the dark underworld of global networks (“ratlines,” independent investigative journalist George Webb calls them) of pedophilia, satanism, human trafficking and organ trafficking.

Wouldn’t you know, at that same hour, 2 A.M. (my regular hour for awakening. I know, I know, it’s “liver” time), last night I found myself drawn to delving into George Webb’s astonishing youtube series, and of course had trouble getting back to sleep. One provocative fact from Webb’s research: drug-running and the C.I.A. began together, in 1947. Because the C.I.A. didn’t have congressional monetary support, it began clandestine drug running to fund its operations. For an expansion of this astonishment see the revelations of Robert David Steele. In an earlier post —

Robert David Steele: “Pedophilia is the Achilles Heel of the Elite”

— I noted: “Fascinating, Steele’s claim that the reason why the MIC still supports 1000 military bases overseas, is not for so-called national security (this phrase makes me want to gag), but to ‘facilitate the smuggling of drugs, cash, gold, guns, and small children for the elite.'” 

Here’s George Webb on the Richie Allen show:

I did manage to fall asleep after about 45 minutes of this. Plan to finish at 2 A.M. tonight.

Wouldn’t you know, I received an email from Julian Rose this morning. He has also just written on the scourge of elite Satanic pedophilia in England (and worldwide), as that which underpins all the other political, cultural, and environmental pathologies.

Note: Click on this title to download the word doc.

Satanic Practice and Party Politics in the United Kingdom


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