On the Morning After: Post-Comey Chaos Illustrates U.S. Insanity

Geez! Do I really live here? Did I really choose to be born in the good ‘ol U.S.A.? What a farce.

When traveling abroad, I used to be embarrassed to carry an American passport. In the past decade or so, I’ve become downright ashamed to be considered a “citizen” of the this rogue empire that has

invaded 50 countries


killed 20 million people

since World War II.

So. 2017. Here we go again. This morning it’s more neo-lib/con bullshit about Russian influence on U.S. (s)elections, triggered by Comey firing. I’d say it’s about time. And I wonder who’s next. Saying this puts me at odds with just about everyone around me. So be it. Not that I “love” Trump. But I’d sure like to see him take charge in his own way. I’d like to see him go with his gut instinct, beat back the sycophantic and antagonistic influences that eat away at him, triggering his own childhood wounds of abandonment, rejection . . . 

Where are the sane adults in the American room?

There are already gobs of MSM and alt-news analyses of WHY TRUMP FIRED COMEY . Here’s a good one, laughing at how both neo libs and neo cons were ultimately united in hating Comey — and now, perhaps united in hating Trump for firing him? 

Meanwhile: I sure do hope that Jordan Sather and Simon Parkes are right, that Trump and Putin are working together behind the scenes. Because I know damn well that Putin has much to teach Trump about the arts of diplomacy in a world gone mad.

Vladimir Putin Speaks

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