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As long as spiritual Neptune travels through its home sign Pisces (2011-2025),  mass distant healing events take center stage in the zeitgeist. As well they should. For during these seeming “end times” when we continue to experience the slow rolling fallout from the massive Uranus/Pluto square (2011-2016) that is disintegrating old, outmoded personal, group, and collective structures, we can view the Neptune in PIsces transit as a healing balm holding us together, in communion.

Yes. Think of our truly human (homo sapiens: man the wise) race as this yet unborn baby, bathed in Neptune’s nourishing amniotic fluid — and radiant, with promise.

With Neptune in mind, let us focus on tomorrow’s May 10th Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus as an unusually potent time for all who intend to unleash our full aliveness on this planet that is in such crying need for our focused, concerted intention and action. Meditations that draw us together from near and far are magnificent events to amplify personal and planetary healing. Tune in between 1-4 p.m. EDT.


The May Full Moon is known as the Flower Moon

Full Moon group distant healing event

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

-All are welcome to participate in this event –
By Edna Spennato

The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project will be hosting a group distant healing event for participants around the world on the Full Moon of Wednesday, 10 May.

Each participant will receive distant healing work as an individual and as part of the group, and will play a part in holding the energy for the morphic field and the planetary side of the healing.

Our event will begin at 17:00 or 5 pm GMT/Universal Time and continue for about 3 hours, ending around 8 pm GMT/Universal Time. To check the starting time of this event in your part of the world, please go to this link.
All people and animals everywhere in the world are welcome to join us. Participate via this link.
You are welcome to join us as a once-off participant on an exchange basis of your choice or by opting for annual membership to Earth Heal, and being included in all our distant healing events for the coming year.

Those in truly disadvantaged circumstances can ask to be included on a pro bono basis. If this applies to you, and you would like to be a participant in this treatment and receive healing on a personal level as well as being part of the group holding the energy for the planet, please feel free to contact us at earthhealadmin [at] gmail [dot] com, with the subject line, “Pro-bono participant – 10 May 2017 event”.

The treatment will include more than 200 participants globally, and will be facilitated in Bahia, Brazil byEdna Spennato, working under guidance from the collective Higher Self of the group via the healing method known as Synchronization Harmonics, pioneered by Edna in 1998.

Four surrogates in Brazil, Argentina, the USA and South Africa will anchor incoming healing energy during the treatment process and release the energies that are “no longer needed” on behalf of the participants and the planetary morphic field as a whole.

All links related to participation in the event can be viewed via this link.

For info about annual membership to Earth Heal, please go to this link.

More about the Full Mon of 10 May

May’s Full Moon falls on the 10th/11th in the watery sign of Scorpio and holds extremely powerful and potent energy.

Scorpio energy is all about transformation and reaching higher levels of consciousness. In fact, Scorpio energy has the potential to reach Divine levels of consciousness, but at the same time, it also has the ability to reach extremely low levels of consciousness as well.

No matter where you fall on the “consciousness spectrum” it is likely that this Full Moon is going to leave a lasting impact. It is also likely that this Full Moon is going to help open your consciousness to a new level so you can see things in a different light.

May’s Full Moon is going to represent a turning point in the year and an opportunity to really embrace and accept any recent changes.

It is also going to bring about a powerful transformative shift that will really allow you to move forward.

In fact, after the energy of this Full Moon starts to fade, you may be feeling a greater sense of understanding of the road ahead. This is also due to the fact that both Mercury and Venus, which have recently been retrograde, are also going to start speeding up.

Things may feel a little uneasy leading up to the Full Moon as changes may be in the air, but the best way to manage this energy moving forward is remembering your personal power… [Read more… ]

General info about the upcoming Full Moon healing event

During the treatment process, each participant will be anchoring the planetary healing energies in their part of the world, releasing disharmonic energy and receiving healing energy on a collective level.

We use a cutting-edge distant healing method known as Synchronization Harmonics, and for those who have never before experienced distant healing work, this is the ideal opportunity.

After each healing event, feedback and detailed reports about what came up during the treatment process for the group, as well as for the collective consciousness on a planetary level, are mailed to participants.

First-time participants should send their details and pics to us at earthhealadmin [at] gmail as soon as possible, and no later than 4 pm GMT/UTC on Wednesday, 10 May, an hour before the start of the event.

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