Jordan Sather and Simon Parkes: Trump and Putin are working together behind the scenes. An astrological assessment.

Note: You might want to spend some extended time with the various elements of this post.

When I first viewed Jordan Sather’s recent video saying that Trump and Putin are “trolling the world” I scoffed. Or a part of me scoffed. The other part kept this idea in mind as a real (and hoped for) possibility. Now I see that as of yesterday Simon Parkes says the same thing — without referencing Sather. In other words, I assume that both independently make the unusual claim that Trump and Putin are working together behind the scenes while pretending not to, throwing bones to the neo-lib/cons and their captured MSM media to keep them off-balance, off Trump’s back, and thinking that we’re about to start World War III in either Syria or Korea.

Given that the Sather and Parkes, both of whom I tend to trust, agree on what is actually happening, I decided to look at the astrological connections between Trump and Putin , and indeed, find much that might buttress this claim.

Key to the nature of Putin: he is powerful player on the world stage (Pluto/South Node at the Miheaven), who works diplomatically to balance energies between seeming opposites behind the scenes (Sun/Saturn/Neptune/Mercury in Libra, hidden 12th house), Scorpio Ascendant.

Key to the nature of Trump: he is a wild card (Sun/Uranus in Gemini who thinks and speaks impulsively all the while thinking big (Sun/Uranus opposite Moon in Sagittarius). Like Putin, he is also a major player (Mars in Leo) who, however, unlike Putin (who has a hidden Scorpio Ascendant persona) Trump shows off his persona to the world (Mars on Leo Ascendant). Thus it may be that while the two appear to be opposite, might they be working together to make deals and create peace?

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The most crucial signatures between Trump and Putin are these three:

  1. Trump’s : “wild card”  Uranus/North Node/Sun 17-22° Gemini opposite his “big picture thinker” South Node/ Moon 20-21° Sagittarius makes harmonious trines (120° and sextiles (60°) to Putin’s big picture Mars at 26° Sagittarius, which itself is exactly conjunct the Galactic Center.

2. Trump’s Mars/Ascendant at 26-29° in royal Leo conjuncts Putin’s South Node/MC/Pluto at 20-22° Leo. Both men assume they are powerful and act on it. Were they not working together, they would be enemies, with one attempting to “take power over” the other.

3. Trump’s Jupiter at 17° Libra conjuncts Putin’s Sun/Saturn/Neptune/Mercury at 13-23° Libra, plus: Putin’s stellium in Libra trines and sextiles both the Leo and the Sagittarius/Gemini planets that they hold in common.

Putin is the leader here (and I would say, teacher), seeking to balance and rebalance the world through his massive (Sun/Saturn/Neptune/Mercury) generational (Saturn/Neptune) signature in diplomatic Libra. Trump’s values (Jupiter in Libra) align with this project.

Note on “generational signatures:” during certain periods, outer, slow-moving planets make strong rare contacts with each other that then remain for months and even years, thus affecting entire generations.  Certain individuals who incarnate during one of these generational signatures, and who have personal (short-cycled) planets conjunct the generational signature itself, serve as the standard-bearers for their generation. In them, what is normally unconscious must become conscious. The desires of the zeitgeist then get acted out through these individuals.

One of these signatures is Saturn conjunct Neptune, which occurs approximately every 35 years. Putin’s Sun and Mercury surround this Saturn/Neptune signature in his chart, creating that giant stellium in Libra. When Saturn conjuncts an outer planet, its task is to make real, to ground the energy of that outer planet in form. To bring its energy down to earth. Neptune, when working in its evolved sense, symbolizes unconditional, compassion, love, high high spirituality. That Putin’s Saturn conjuncts Neptune, and that both his Sun and Mercury also conjunct that signature, makes him an extraordinary spokesperson for the energy of grounding genuine spirituality into this planet via balancing opposing forces (Libra).

And one final note: Uranus in Cancer!

Just remembered that Putin’s Libra stellium must also be square (90° to) his Uranus in Cancer, since Uranus, another outer planet, was involved in that particular Saturn/Neptune signature (those born 1952-53). Just looked at Putin’s chart (see above post on Putin), and yes, of course, it is! This third planet in that three-way signature complicates the situation for both Putin and Trump, and their relationship, since Trump has Venus/Saturn conjunct in Cancer, closely conjunct Putin’s Uranus!

Indeed, all those born during 1952-53 who have the Saturn/Neptune square Uranus in Cancer signature and especially, those for whom this signature is personal (short-cycled planets involved in the signature), find this Libra/Cancer business a touchy subject, since the Neptunian ideals of equality (Libra) stirs up the blood in families (Cancer) whose (often closed, and hierarchical) tribal values conflict. That’s what the square (90°) angle is about! Such “squared off” forces fuel our own evolutionary journey by teaching us to blend two seemingly incompatible qualities.

Thus here, I have a feeling that Putin may suddenly (Uranus) call into question Trump’s insistence on the primacy of his own own “family values” (Cancer) And whether that family is his own — Ivanka/Jared, etc., — or is the U.S. family with its Sun/Jupiter and more in Cancer . . . Hmmm . . . Ah yes . . . might it be that so-called American exceptionalism must be addressed if these two men are going to actually be able to sit down and hammer out a peace deal?

Well, duh! For if the entire “family of nations” (Cancer) is to re-balance (Libra) itself as an interconnected web (Cancer) of equals (Libra), then no country can count itself as exceptional.

Here’s another astrologer’s point of view. Haven’t watched it yet. This astrologer works with the “composite” chart created from the midpoints of the two Suns, the two Moons, etc., to fashion a “third thing” that theoretically would be in effect if the two men did manage to fully blend their energies.  The static visual that introduces this video pisses me off, and is very different from the initial website where I accessed this video (can no longer remember that website). That one just showed the two men, their faces side by side, both looking somewhat contemplative.

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