Sharing Economy News: Amsterdam apps!

Sylvia Van Bruggen, who lived in our Green Acres neighborhood during the time when she and I took the permaculture design course a decade ago, and who along with Kevin Polk, another Green Acres neighbor at the time (who went on to write the book, Gaiome) co-created with me the original vision for what has become the Green Acres Village as our design project for that course, has sent me the following piece. Sylvia now lives in Amsterdam. 

This post is a good reminder that the measure of resilience in any ecosystem is the variety and number of exchanges that take place within it. And guess what, there are apps for everything!

Forget Uber, Amsterdam is showing how to use the sharing economy for good


“We wanted to truly make living in the city a shared experience. We want people to feel like they have a connection not just to the city, but to each other as well.”

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