Joachim Hagopian: The Long History of Elite Pedophile Blood Lust

People ask me, how can you even look at the horrible stuff that you sometimes repost? Why focus on it?

Actually no; no reader has ever said that. The denial in our culture is still so strong that no one confronts me on my choices. 

I’d rather not be posting on this stuff. Because, geez, my job is to build new creative alternatives, like, right? not to stare, unblinking, at the rot. Isn’t it?

Well actually, my job is to do both. To integrate paradox. To be as aware as possible of what is really going on and has been for thousands of years and to meanwhile build creative alternatives from within the rot. Like a lotus, rising from the mud.

For unless we do begin to clear up the continuing soul-killing corruption, our lotuses will be continuously devoured by alligators.

I’m not alone. There are many of us who aren’t afraid to look at the rot while also building new worlds. For example, Fred Burks, of It’s all “a matter of perspective,” or rather, perhaps, I should say it’s all a matter of being able to not just recognize, but to hold in awareness, both dark and light at once. Both what we need to leave behind, and what we need to welcome as we move forward. And that includes what I need to leave behind in myself, all the shadowy stuff that once in a while breaks through to awareness via a dream, or a sudden freaky memory.

I welcome these breakthroughs, for they allow me to process, at an ever deeper level, all the gunk that creates stuckness within my own aliveness. I process the stuckness, bore in on it with conscious breathing, inviting awareness to enter that place in my body that feels bad, yucky, like a soul-crushing stone. For I too am a member of this death-dealing culture. Nor did I escape the usual mind-control that locks the heart closed. Indeed, as a young mother in my early twenties, there were moments — hours, days — when I secretly wanted to kill my tiny sons, so distraught was I at what seemed then to be my fate of never fully feeling anything but frustration, fear, guilt, and hate.

My own healing took years, decades. My own healing continues. I center myself inside a multidimensional perspective that holds both my light and my dark as equally real, each informing the other by way of contrast. Indeed, processing the darkness fuels the increasing light.

That said, read this, if you dare.

Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for children: From Antiquity to Today

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2 Responses to Joachim Hagopian: The Long History of Elite Pedophile Blood Lust

  1. Mary says:

    The article condenses this evil side of human history succinctly. It does disturb the psyche and there are times when I can’t bear to read more about this subject. I want, need to play ostrich for awhile each time. Did u watch the episode of Dr. Phil with the mkultra-slave that aired a month or so ago? That too provided more evidence of this evil, hidden world, and was similarly disturbing.
    Yet the Truth will set us Free! I think (except for a good destructive cleansing from Niribiru) it is our only hope.
    You’re a courageous Saggitarian realist – thank you for posting.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, I did see that disturbing Dr. Phil show. You might read Trance Formation of America, by Kathy O’Brien, who woke up from her MK Ultra trauma-based conditioning into various disassociated personalities. That’s what woke me up to the evil in our midst. At first I couldn’t believe it; but I couldn’t forget it, either.

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