Trump Loves War? And So Do the American People?

U.S. Presiential Candidate Trump made above remark on November 17, 2015. Here’s the youtube video of it. The full context is: “I”m really good at war. I’ve had a lot of wars of my own. I love war, in a certain way.”

So we should have known? And do we care?

Consider the following:

66% of Americans approved of the recent missile strike on a Syrian air base.

70% of Americans approved of dropping the MOAB bomb on an Afghan village and surrounding caves.

Trump’s approval rate went from around 35% to around 40% immediately upon his apparent conversion to “war president.”

All of which makes me think that this poll is actually accurate.

POLL: Americans Support Military Industrial Complex Above All Else

And if so, then, now that Trump seems to have transmogrified into a lusty warmonger, I guess we get the government we deserve.

I think back to my wondering about the fact that Trump was born with the planet Mars at 27° Leo, conjunct the Royal Star Regulus (“the King”), both of which sit directly conjunct the karmic 29° Leo Ascendant of his natal chart. I have no doubt that he does love not just competition, but now finds that he really gets off on military strikes. Seems to me Trump would have to be very advanced and aware to not to use that Mars in a bloodthirsty manner — especially when surrounded by trigger-happy military men. When, on the day after the election, I posted on his astrology, I didn’t focus on his Mars being used for war, so taken in was I with his campaign promise to stop the imperialistic military hegemony.

Paul Craig Roberts, for one, thinks he’s been taken over.

Trump Is Now Captive of the Deep State

Or maybe he always was a willing tool of the Deep State — and in that case, simply, baldly lying on the campaign trail (whenever he spoke of stopping wars of imperialistic aggression)? I don’t remember where I saw that claim, but I’m sure many have made it. Frankly, given his astro chart, I don’t think him capable of wholesale, consistent lying (unlike Hillary, whose astro chart is all about power at any cost.)  I sense that he most likely believes for the moment whatever is impulsively spewing from his mouth (Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini opposite Sagittarius Moon), but that his choice of advisors have neutralized what could have been an alternative personal impact.

Assad may be right, and worse: Trump may simply not be capable of long-range strategic thinking.

Trump is puppet of U.S. deep state: Has no “own” foreign policy — Assad

So now, when I view my privileged life here in the U.S., I must keep remembering that I too, am complicit in the global ravages of “our” Military Industrial Complex. Why? Because I pay my taxes. For decades I’ve been convinced that only a tax revolt — by what, 10% of the American people? — can stop the military in its tracks. Or would it take more? The point is, we need numbers so great that they can’t possibly jail all of us. A big order, given that there’s some huge percentage of us that owe our paychecks to some direct or indirect portion of the MIC — whether governmental, academic, corporate, or otherwise industrial. And of course, what’s utterly crucial, to carry off a planned tax revolt we will have to trust each other to all refuse to pay taxes at the same time. That’s a big order in this land where soulless A.I. digital communication has largely replaced ensouled connectedness.

(Oh wait, there’s always economic collapse, that would certainly collapse the military — and probably will, maybe even this year.)

Meanwhile, I deeply appreciated this Op Ed piece in Veterans Today:

Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation: An Open Letter to Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin

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