Green Acres Community Dinner, April 26, 2017

This day started inauspiciously. I couldn’t find my phone. Wondered if I left it outside last night — and if so, it got rained on.

Yes. I did leave it on an outside table during our dinner. And guess what? It still worked! Just to make sure it didn’t have any moisture inside I hotfooted it right over to AT&T in the nearby mall where a sweet clerk took off the protective cover and instructed me to go into the women’s restroom to blow dry both cover and phone. I did. Worked like a charm. Enormous power in those dryers.

So, these pics that I took last night on this phone did manage to get through to here. Pics of our April 26th Community Dinner, the second of the year on the patio outside in back that serves all three of our village houses.

BTW: Rebecca had been planning on beans ‘n greens, made with poke greens from their various poking up places on the grounds. But then she discovered that poke greens need to be cooked three times or they might be poison!

So she brought scrambled eggs instead — and non-poisonous greens. Lots of other delicious food, as usual. I swear, each week we re-enact the story of the loaves and the fishes. This week brought out about 15 people, including three generational couples. Two of mother and son — here’s Aaron with his mom Joanne —

 — which inspired me to ask Rebecca for a photo of me and son Colin. Notice the new smaller greenhouse behind the original Garden Tower. See this post.

Darn! I forgot to get a pic of Eva and her mom Wanda. But I did get a great shot of Eva’s fabulous new shoes — last week’s find at Goodwill.

Afterwards, podmate Logan and friend Bryn entertained us with their passionate, soulful singing and playing. Unfortunately, by this time my phone was already forgotten, so no pics.

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