Spring Morning Potpourri: Sallie’s Place, Baby Picture Project, Gardening News, Impermanence

On this day when the fear mongering Gotham Shield supposedly begins, I’m heading to Sallie’s Place downtown to meet with women who are interested in their baby pictures. Neighbor Jelene has invited me to give a short presentation on the Baby Picture Project to this group, so in honor of this invitation, I’m actually wearing my baby picture teeshirt, something I rarely do in public. Which is too bad, since if there’s anything I trust to have the capacity to ultimately “change the world,” it’s this project!

But first, after the usual morning walk with puppy Shadow, I now sit here as usual, to put up some sort of post. What shall it be? Well, given that it’s spring planting season at the Green Acres Village Urban Farm, this combination intrigues me, so here goes:

How A New Way of Thinking About Soil Sparked A New Movement in Agriculture


Business Lessons from A Quiet Gardener

BTW: I will post a bunch of new pics taken two evenings ago here at the village when I return from Sallie’s Place. Including some of mushrooms, blooming and fading within 48 hours!

And BTW: Sallie’s Place was started by a dear friend of mine, Georgia Schaich, who also happens to have been my compatriot in reviving the Green Acres Neighborhood Association back in 2003. Georgia, who suffers with Parkinsons, is now living in a nearby retirement home; puppy Shadow and I visit with her one or two times a week.

The blooming and fading of the partnership of Georgia and myself continues through Georgia’s accelerating diminishment. I find it sad that this culture does not appreciate its immersion in the natural order, which demonstrates how to celebrate both ascending and descending arcs of any cycle.




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  1. Ania says:

    It sounds so good… Tomorrow I´ll read with more time. 🙂

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