Our Challenge: To consciously absorb and express the surging energy

BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, hold up riders

Let us ask: How do we learn how to consciously utilize and creatively express the extreme energy that is surging through us? That is the question of this century, and especially of this year, during the ongoing intense climax of the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries, about to be crossed by Mercury, where it will turn on Wednesday, May 3, to go direct. Check it out, at just past noon on this Bloomington, Indiana chart: Uranus/Mercury/Eris — 25°, 24° and 23°: Uranus, the unpredictable; sudden, explosive energy, with Eris, “goddess of discontent” in Aries: new beginnings, impulse, initiation — and about to be crossed by Mercury: the conscious mind, communication, transportation. Notice also, at the moment of Mercury turning, that this three way conjunction also makes an harmonious grand trine (green lines) with the Moon (20° Leo‚ and Saturn (27° Sagittarius). Hopefully, this balancing configuration will slow and stabilize the explosive energy of the conjunction.

Meanwhile, today, Mercury at 26° Aries, which has been traveling retrograde (backwards) for the past two weeks, now begins to conjunct that explosive Uranus/Eris conjunction, and does so as the transit Moon at 22° Aries moves toward that conjunction from the other side. From now through Wednesday of next week let us be especially aware of the surging energy, and how it is unconsciously affecting us while intending, with all our hearts and souls, to recognize and express this surging as Love.

And of course, all this is going on as wars and rumors of war increase, “Gotham Shield” nuclear drill is held over NYC and DC, and who knows what else to set our teeth on edge.

It is crucial that we do re-learn how to truly communicate — to connect, to commune — with each other, and this involves not just left brain logic, but heart-centered imagination and empathic resonance with all that is.

And this, in turn, requires us to consciously reach through the negative unconscious Neptunian veil of our addictions and self-deceptions to the pure light of the spirit beyond. Such an idealistic vision happens to be a real possibility during this great climactic shift in human history, because Neptune, the planet of the formless, boundless beyond, is at its most powerful, traveling through its home sign, oceanic Pisces, during these years: 2012-2025. Neptune in Pisces, you might say, represents the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Which possibilities are activated depends on us, our decision, our intent. We bring into being forms from the formless. We are creators. We are legion. And we are realizing now, that we must show up, completely, with our whole selves, for this transference from the old world of centralized power to the new world of decentralized, fully potentiated localities, everywhere. Inside our full selves first, then our households, our neighborhoods, our towns, our regions. . . There is no end to the creativity that is possible when we truly do show up. Let us harness this Uranus/Eris energy; let us no longer continue to be bamboozled by the shock and awe that our former “masters” still try to use to keep us cowed and obedient.

For as we harness this extraordinary Uranus/Eris energy, let us also realize that we live inside the thick sweet boundless field of Neptune in Pisces which absorbs shock!

Let us attune to Neptune. Tune into the beautiful spirit that holds us all in her merciful embrace. Tune in, consciously, graciously, gratefully tune in. Allow her to shower us with blessings as we learn how to consciously and creatively express the fiery, surging Uranus/Eris energy. Yes. Yes. Let us recognize and honor both our own selves and each other as precious, singular, swirling manifestations of the one divine LOVE.


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