Hmmmm. New Tool in My Toolbox: Google Search Trends. FUN!

This morning, thanks to the technique employed in one of Melissa Dyke’s Truth Stream Media’s memorable posts,

How Reality Is Being Manufactured

I finally tuned into google search trends. Hmmm. Of course, it might all be skewed in one way or another, given that we’ve discovered that google might be “evil” after all; even so, I found myself running with this technique.

Melissa found trends that showed periodicity over time. Hmmm. Very interesting! Wonder how often that holds true? Meanwhile, I decided to do some trend searches myself. For example, I am aware that “deep state” is now a meme that suddenly appeared recently in the public consciousness, after having been invented by Peter Dale Scott for his 2014 book The American Deep State. Here’s Part 1 of a a recent six part interview with him:

And here’s how it shows up in google trends.

Deep State: Yep. This one flew in from nowhere in December 2016. (Go to the actual url to see the actual timing. I’m just taking screenshots.)

Okay. How about False Flag?

Interesting. False Flag peaked in April-May 2013.

BTW: I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but please do notice how we in the alt-media have evolved from taking weeks, then just days, to figure out that any particular destructive event was a false flag. In the past year or so, it seems like we’ve only needed an hour or two. And now, this year, we downright expect one or more false flags as part of the predictive code of the cabal. For example: with so-called Gotham Shield, supposedly on now and for the next two weeks, we’re all just waiting to see if and when what part of this supposed drill will “go live.”

Okay, let’s google search trend Gotham Shield:

Hmmm . . . this one seems to have peaked in October 2014. Why? Oh sure, a TV series. Wouldn’t you know. Predictive programming? 

Okay, now let’s turn from the ugly stuff to what really interests me, permaculture. Well, hey, it’s trending up, slightly. . .

Okay, let’s compare permaculture to organic gardening. That will tell us where we are, in terms of educating the public about this more-than-organic, whole systems approach — to not just growing food, but living on earth in community. Oh wow! The news is good!

Hey, what happens if we add non-GMO to the mix? 

Hmm, non-GMO tracks with organic at a low level. Okay, how about comparing all three to local food?

Aha! Bingo! Permaculture and local food go together in the public mind. YES!



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