Financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard, whose conscience woke up and refused to allow him to complete his training as a psychopath

INTEGRITY: consistency in thought, word and deed. Remember this simple definition. It is also an instruction.

For if there is only one 39 minute slot free in your precious time today, please take that time to watch this video, an extraordinary story of one smart young man with entrepenurial skills who was enticed to join the world of financiers who manage huge flows of money that circle the world. In order to agree to learn this new and exalted “trade” which would bring him much more personal wealth than his old import/export business, he was told  he must put his conscience in the freezer and keep it there, 100%. Being young and foolish, he laughed and agreed. What follows is a riveting tale of how the money matrix world works, connecting  the dots that lead from gigantic money flows all the way through to the Luciferian religion and its sacrifices of young children. As he says, he failed at becoming a psychopath. Why? Because the freezer broke down; he simply couldn’t stomach performing the murderous acts through which they would have blackmailed him, thus ensuring his compliance, forever.

His conscience had come back to life. Which meant that he could no longer “do his job” easily. He began to refuse assignments. Had trouble pretending to be who he used to be. Finally, his body broke down from the stress. And when it did, he found himself looking down upon his body from a corner of the Emergency Room. This awareness, of his existence beyond the body, woke him up further to what lay beyond the world of not just money, but matter itself.

Extremely interesting and articulate, even though it’s hard to watch in translation, with subtitles.

With this one biographical story, the entire sleeping world could wake up.

Revelations from a Former International Financier: “I was training to become a psychopath, and I failed”



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31 Responses to Financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard, whose conscience woke up and refused to allow him to complete his training as a psychopath

  1. Sylvia says:

    Will watch at a later time (I’m sure the contents are horrific) but had to laugh at your saying it’s hard to watch as in Dutch with English subtitles! You know young children in many countries grow up watching english tv programmes with Dutch (or otherwise) subtitles, right?!

  2. Janice Berndt says:

    Totally compelling! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. alex simack says:

    Fantastic find, Ann, and extremely well worth the difficulty of reading the subtitling. A continuation is mentioned at the very end — do you know if this has happened yet?

    This is the whole story in a 40 minute nutshell, and as his story reaches the midpoint you can tell that this man is very, very real. His experience has made him so. His story correlates everything I have read and watched over the past ten years intensively (and piecemeal before that) from people such as Wilcock, Jim Marrs, David McGowan, and so many more courageous ones, many of whom have become martyrs.

    This also explains why so many high-level bankers have been suicided over the past few years.

  4. kelley says:

    Thanks for finding & posting this remarkable interview. Have you explored the B of Joy organization he is now associated with?

  5. If only every American would watch this video…

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Ann.

    The world is awakening, and videos like this one are key.

  6. James Charles says:

    He talks about trucks filled with dollars from the sale of Iraqi oil. He said it was to be laundered, but did not explain how the physical dollars were actually laundered.

    He suggests reading the ‘Protocols of Zion’, believing that is a genuine document.

    Is it a ‘genuine’ document or an antisemitic fabricated text?

    • Brady Kirk says:

      Mr. Charles, the tone in your comment signifies heavy disbelief, however, wikipedia is not a very credible source, especially in this case.

    • kelley says:

      James, Healthy informed skepticism is my own personal mantra. I found this interview with an Israeli Jewish scholar who, though he does not address the “Protocols” directly, provides important insights into the vital distinction between the Jewish community at large & the “Zionist” branch of that community that currently rules Israel. Understanding the history of the bible, Judaism, & the role Zionism has played, is critical & thi interview resonates with the emergence of “The Protocols of Zionism” as either an authentic document or one fabricated by the Zionists themselves to further their own anti-Semitic efforts.

    • kelley says:

      Sorry James I neglected to provide the link to the interview I referred to. It is here:

    • Nathalie says:

      Yes, when he started to speak of the Protocols, all the previous he had said started to sound less convincing…. There is no evidence not to trust him, but also we need more info to understand what he is up to. Another option – all his experiences led him to have faith into conspiracy theories, otherwise he would not survive psychologically.

    • Bill Marion says:

      Exactly. This is fabricated nonsense, and a continuation of a myth, and too dark to be called a conspiracy. I watched this with great interest, but as the conversation continued, it is so very obvious that his intent is not to expose the enemy, but to tell enough just enough truth to hide his real purpose which is to point viewers towards a piece of fiction. The interviewer provides the key words so it is not seen to come directly from him. Yes, “The Protocols” are nonsense. I am shocked, though I shouldn’t be, that people are so ignorant that they can’t see that this is nothing more than a reboot of a movie we’ve already seen in the 1930’s. Just to be clear, many of his statements may be true, but pay attention to where he places blame for the chaos… But what really worries me, I’m seeing this mentality spread across the internet.

      • Ania says:

        Bill Marion; those “Protocols” are maybe nonsense for you and more people, but satanist rituals with the most innocent and weakest beings , those poor children, are the worst nonsense things for me and they, sadly, are REAL. Protocols is a copy with a few changes from a book written by a French writter, OK, but the things said there, are the sad reality.

      • key says:

        I totally agree with you. same mantra all over again. very dangerous stuff going on!

    • joachim says:

      The Protocals were actually written by the RCC Jesuits or “Society of Jesus” Look up “The Jesuit Extreme Oath” you will see the similiarities to the Protocals.
      Then if you need a history lesson, watch “Total Onslaught” by Walter Vieth.

  7. Granville from Open All Hours says:

    It certainly makes you watch the ‘Hamstead child abuse’ testimonies in a new light where the kids talk about the school teachers making them kill babies and drink their blood during rituals.

    Keep Peace and Love in your heart and you will overcome evil just as lighting in a candle obliterates the darkness in a moment.

  8. Ania says:

    You can judge this ceremony. It has a lot of nonsense details; this is not good; this refers to the Roland Bernard´s explanations about their “curious” religion.

  9. David W says:

    And he advises everyone to read the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’.

    Extradite the israeli ‘anti-semitic’ bomb hoaxer.
    Expose jewish terrorism and extremism.
    Expose israeli/jewish false flags.
    No more wars for ‘greater Israel’.

  10. Much Miller says:

    AH Yes, The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, a controversial subject if ever there was one and they serve multiple purposes, having a varied effect… For some it scares them off, not wanting any truck with such “nonsense” – after all they are the basis for rabid aniti-semitism and if you read them and fall under their spell woe betide!!! On the other hand if you read them its another kettle of fish – as they actually, whatever they are, bare close resemblance to reality…. Rather too close for comfort… Of course traditionally such literature is also a manner of getting dissenters out of the closet. If people group themselves around a set of affirmations such as these you then know who they are don’t you… Dangerous stuff. Of course we do have every right to be sceptical about everything, although not Wikipedia it seems, but to be sceptical about conspiracy theorists is fairly acceptable, not so dangerous and it won’t get you into trouble. Some say the Protocols are a renowned forgery, an interesting idea given that any forgery has to have an original from which it was forged. Anyway, whatever the case whilst the Protocols are a very interesting and enlightening read, given their close proximity to the actual mechanisms of State-Media-Religion etc and the general system of Mind Control excercised by the elites upon us the “herd” – In this case they are somewhat of a red herring given that the real issue here is the use of children for Satanic Ritual sacrifices, something not openly mentioned in the Protocols and this is and has long been a practice by the elites be they of Jewish extraction or of other racial origins (and surely Satanism recruits from all races) – The point of course that is saving Mr Bernard from being suicided for now at least is the very point we need to know – NAMES – for without the names of the perpetrators of such abominations can continue on – So thus far, whilst I don’t think that Mr Bernard is necessarily ingenuine and appears to live his memories as he relates them, its not much more than a revelation of the method, for this is the method and in a way, through our collective ignorance of the evidence we are all contributing to this, we all (or mostly) pay our taxes, vote, work, get mortgages etc… thus we support the system he describes which is rather more of an uncomfortable fact than the heresy of reading the Protocols of Zion.

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