Let us embrace this eternal dance between left and right brain!

Way back in the mid-1960s, I was juggling wife and motherhood while diligently studying for a Ph.D. in philosophy. In order to “accomplish” all my “tasks,” I had to “make lists and plans,” “schedule” rigorously, and “make sure it all got done.” These are all left brain functions. But then, in a Scientific American magazine article, I came across the idea that we actually have two brains, a left brain and a right brain, with the “corpus callosum” between them. Right brain is intuitive, spacious, colorful, connected, questioning, loving, exploratory of worlds beyond worlds, worlds within worlds. In other words, utterly unlike left brain problem solving, right brain is attuned to mystery, both inner and outer.

Well, that turned me on. And I never looked back. Even my graduate school mentor couldn’t stop me, though he tried, denigrating intuition, because, he claimed, whatever it comes up with can’t be “proved.” On the other hand, as he would acknowledge, when pressed, nothing can be proved, not even scientific theories! Since the bottom line assumptions of any theory cannot themselves be proved, then all of our theories rest on nothing, nothing!

Of course he was full of contradictions. We all are. But he didn’t like to notice his. How many of us do? Indeed, according to the “rules” of formal logic, contradiction must be avoided at all costs because, as another professor sputtered, red-faced, when I asked, in all innocence, “but . . . but . . . what’s wrong with contradiction?”


Exactly! The possibilities are endless. There is no end to mystery, and to what can be conjured up and/or dissolved within it.

Let us learn to see and feel contradictions (including those experienced over time, for example, the “bipolar” swings between “manic” and “depressive”) as growing nodes.  Every time we consciously identify and span both poles of any duality (black/white, male/female, yes/no) we can thus recognize the contradiction between them as what links them. Each contradiction can thus be fruitfully viewed and experienced as a tiny potent seed, seeking to burst new life into form. So, I learned, the best way to move forward is to both acknowledge polarity (for example, left/right brain) and to integrate and encompass them.

Do I contradict myself? Well then I contradict myself. I am large. I contain miracles. — Walt Whitman

The opposite of one great truth is another great truth. — Niels Bohr

Over time, I learned use left brain logic as an instrument within right brain spaciousness. Whenever I want to create something specific from within the infinite void (e.g., a book, an  experimental community, a narrative line) I call upon left brain powers of discernment, analysis, identification, naming, deduction, induction, and so on. Left brain functions create boundaries; right brain functions dispell them. That’s our life, here on Earth. Moving from one to the other, juggling, playing with emerging, disintegrating forms. Living large, while refusing to take anything seriously; and yet thinking, imagining, speaking and acting, in all seriousness!

What matters? It all matters and nothing matters. There is no single “real world.” There are only the multidimensional realms of our imagination, populating the boundless spaciousness in whatever realms we can conjure up.  THOSE WE (UNCONSCIOUSLY) CONJURE UP EN MASSE CREATE THE CONDITIONS THAT WE SEE AROUND US AND THAT WE LIVE WITHIN.  Ergo: It’s up to us to wake up, i.e., to make the unconscious conscious and burst through the money matrix. We dreamers lead the world to unravel the stuck, competitive, destructive dynamic of scarcity while co-creating the abundance of nature’s mutual co-operation and gifting. Thus do we evolve from a culture of complaint to a culture of creativity, each of us both unique in our expression and dissolved into oneness, the one LOVE that fills, fuels, and flows through the multiverse.

I tell the above story because I just came across another wonderful Jordan Sather post on fb. No wonder he and I resonate across the generations! Here goes:

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