Fearless Girls stand down the bull(shit)

Way back when, sometime in the 1980s when I my mental and emotional attitude was (I now regret) that of a “violent peace activist,” I fantasized about somehow resurrecting the ancient Lysistrata Action, from the Aristophanes “comedy” about Greek women refusing to have sex with Greek men until they stopped the Peloponnesian War.

Now I discover that this action is well known, and BTW, can be successful.

10 Real Life Sex Strikes Generated Lots of Action

Meanwhile, this year, the “Fearless Girl” sculpture set in front of the Wall Street Bull on International Women’s Day feels peculiarly iconic.

Iconic: especially given that wars and banks go together (banks finance both or all sides of any war). And iconic especially especially: because John McCain is one of the rumored pedophiles “about to be arrested.” We’ll see about that. Meanwhile, if true, McCain is automatically blackmailed, just like reportedly 1/3 of the U.S. Government, for pedophilia.

Boo hoo! The sculptor for the Bull complains that the Fearless Girl changes the meaning of the Bull. You betcha!

Here’s one of those fearless girls, all grown up, laying her blistering TRUTH on Senator McCain. Glad to see that he can look a bit uncomfortable. If so, at least maybe we can say he’s not a psychopath (in that he does exhibit emotion). Thanks to Alex for the reference.


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