Elder John Pilger’s pessimistic lament v. Young Jordan Sather’s hopeful analysis

Pilger is on for the first 17 minutes. Deeply disturbed, as are all those who still possess their sanity, by the continuous morphing of utterly alarming geopolitical events.

On the other hand, here’s young independent thinker Jordan Sather, on the same concatenation of events. He reads into it a narrative thread that is, or could be positive, and I’m glad to see, pays real attention to the fact that, in the aggregate, how we IMAGINE the future to play out is how it WILL play out.

As one whose philosophical training was in the field of epistemology, my only caveat to Sather’s analysis is that we must remember that all facts are “cherry-picked.” Or, to put it another way: there are always “alternative facts.” Not that facts don’t “add up;” however, facts are as numerous as every single teensy point on which we decide (consciously or unconsciously) to train our attention. The field of possibilities, let’s face it, is infinite. And we are the ones who determine, en masse, what actually happens, by identifying and stringing together the “dots” (facts) on the a narrative “time-line” that then unfolds.

When the field of possibilities is infinite, only limited by what we allow ourselves to imagine, let us pull ourselves beyond both despair and hope . . .

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