Pagan Origins of Easter — and how I got kicked off the radio

The Germanic spring goddess Eostre. Image source: wikipedia


While I don’t remember what our sources were, after all this was way back when, 1977 as I recall, 40 years ago, when I and my friend Karen decided to do our first scripted show on our weekly radio program “Just between us” which up until that point had been a “go get stoned in the desert, start talking about whatever, and then drive back to KLIX radio station, sit down with headphones, and nod to the engineer that we were ready. Ready to continue the conversation just between us, as if we women were talking intimately with each other over a cup of coffee at a kitchen table. Sometimes we would include a guest feminist, other times not. We did take questions from the audience.

Our hour-long show — which the station scheduled adroitly during Monday night football — was popular with other feminists, few and far between in Twin Falls, Idaho at that time.  I had returned to my hometown in my 30s to marry my high school boyfriend who happened to be the Editor of the Twin Falls Times News. As you can imagine, given my already radicalized point of view, eventually Dick’s mainstream career conflicted with my singular path, though I had no idea what it was at the time, and though I did (and always will!) very much love him, I just had to leave and strike out on my own — again.

Doing that radio show was one of my first forays into public life in Twin Falls, a town whose social life was dominated by its various religions, all Christian, including the predominant Mormon. Karen and I had been going along for a year via stoned spontenaity, when we decided to do the scripted show. And what was it to be about? Why “The Pagan Origins of Easter”!

Well, we should have known that would be our last show. The station just couldn’t stomach all the nasty calls it got afterwards, and cancelled us.

Here’s something I found on the internet today. There are plenty of other choices. Just remember: easter, eostre, estrus!

Pagan Origins of Easter

There’s lots of youtube videos out there, too. I notice that even ABC published something on the pagan origins of easter three days ago.

P.S. I do miss the Easter hats Mom used to buy for her six daughters to wear to Mass on Easter Sunday. Except for that year when she didn’t get enough hats and I had to wear a golf hat — with tees. Utterly mortifying.



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  1. I feel for you. There is information we sometimes encounter in the spirit realms that so spiritually offends, the very thought of sharing it empathetically hurts to contemplate the unprepared chaos it inflicts upon others.

    When I entered the spirit realm in search of my truth on my path, I was told clearly “Do not judge what you see beyond this gate!” from a loving voice too intimate to ignore.


    The Shroud of Turin is in fact real. The timing error on the Carbon-14 date is due to chemical environmental alteration. Much of the research simply errors.


    The T.V. special on the restoration of the Tomb of Christ in fact is the correct burial chamber where Christ was placed when removed from the cross. The X-Ray details of the tomb go much further than I ever expected. But the Essenes, bless there hearts, knew.

    Even here, on this wonderful website among souls I consider to be One with Source. I can only sit quietly and smile, with love. We will all eventually transition when it is our turn. Let Easter be Easter for those hundreds of millions of incarnated souls that want and need it to be just so. So it is.

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