In a world gone mad, it’s a courageous act to remain sane.

Note:  when I use the word “sane,” I do not mean “normal,” as in “being and doing what the culture sanctions.” For me, sane means centered, connected, energized, and acting with full integrity, i.e, having consistency in thought, word and deed.

Yesterday, I happened to speak with the two people with whom I have been able, in the past, to count on as informed conversational partners regarding the continuously mutating geopolitical scene: My son Colin and my old friend Claudia. And I must say, it concerns me greatly that in both conversations yesterday, all three of us were reduced to sputtering. There seems to be no way of “making sense” of real or fake events when language is used to make continuous contradictory statements in an accelerating context of extreme craziness.

I write this during a time when four planets are retrograde: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. Venus however,  turns to go direct, today, after over two months during which it backed up from 4° of pugilistic Aries to 27° of compassionate Pisces. (Geez, given the extreme violence of the past week’s events, if this is loving Venus in compassionate Pisces, then what will pugilistic Aries feel like when Venus leaves Pisces for Aries, beginning April 29th?)

Next, Pluto will turn to go retrograde as well, SRx exact on April 20, at 19°23 Capricorn. Both this upcoming week and the week following that turn will feature the deep background detonation of underworld forces that are both destructuring and restructuring all that appears on the surface. How fitting that as this period begins, tomorrow Christians celebrate Easter!

Not everyone is reduced to sputtering. In fact, some people think they can still make sense of events. For example, stormcloudsgathering, this 7 minute video:

Others have a more nuanced view, recognize that there are many ways of parsing what seems to be going on, and that none of them are definitive, for example:

Tillerson in Moscow: Is World War III Back on Track?

My conversations with Colin and Claudia both ultimately centered on what each of us, as individuals,  can and must do during these extremely dangerous, volatile, and fracturing times. And that is for each of us to follow our own path, with full heart and total integrity.  Colin, to continue to develop the Garden Tower Project, Claudia to continue as co-proprietor with her daughter Eugenie of “Kronos” (no website), a wonderful little store on Vashon Island that offers beautiful things and a welcoming, centering atmosphere to all who enter its doors; and me to continue blogging, sharing my other writing, and helping to ground and grow the Green Acres Village and Urban Farm. Plus one more, which I will be speaking about further in a little while: returning to consulting as a professional astrologer, one afternoon per week.

In a world gone mad, it IS a courageous act to remain sane.

Here’s another person’s wonderful work:

Listening to Our Enemies: A Path to Peace



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3 Responses to In a world gone mad, it’s a courageous act to remain sane.

  1. So, so worthwhile. What a beautiful being in every way!

    Thanks so much for posting this, Ann. I might not have seen it otherwise.

  2. Brie says:

    I don’t like calling myself mentally ill (thought I recognize I do need treatment on some level) but internally, I’ve begun to think of society as mentally ill and myself as spiritually sane.

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