In yesterday’s post I challenged each of us to shed our polite and/or furious/guilty/shamed poses and instead begin to fully express our own individual natures — and thus join the upswelling of primal energy pulsing from Mother Earth in springtime. And let me make myself perfectly clear: only as we dive below the money matrix that holds us all in thrall to its fake, constructed, “command and control” scarcity game  do we encounter the mysterious energetic springs that fuel our full self-expression. Money is not the “bottom line.”  Human energy is our bottom line, and it gets exchanged endlessly and generously by all those whose lives have taken hold, who have fully grounded into this beautiful Earth’s fruitful, rhythmic, interwoven magnificence. We hold these living energetic springs in common with all creatures who grace this earthly plane. All creatures express their real nature, fully, completely, without inhibition or worry about reputation and identity, without need to compete for top dog and see and treat others as inferior  — except us! Us so-called “civilized” humans!

For example these two! The wilder the better! Photos taken by a friend who used to live in my yurt in Jackson Hole, the remarkable Jacqueline Ra.

From Above: Red-tail hawk surveys the territory.

From Below: Red fox walks, alert, committed, and purposeful.

Let us inhabit both worlds, simultaneously. Both Below and Above. Fully and passionately thrumming inside our corporeal experience while at the same time neutrally witnessing that experience. In this way we let go of the need to react blindly and unconsciously to events and instead we consciously choose whether or not to respond, and how.

How do we respond to whatever calls us?

Integrity reigns. Assiduous training (via meditative and physical practices of many kinds) eventually yields consistency in thought, word and deed. We no longer need to hide from ourselves or anyone else. We no longer need to project what is inside us out onto others. We are whole.

Meanwhile, as we shed the layers of conditioning, the Love that powers the universe begins to flow through, swelling more and more powerfully with each rhythmic breath, each minute flicker of awareness, each tiny cell’s absorbing and dividing and dividing again, in concert with all the others. Each of us extruding a minute portion of our vast and immortal spirit into a human body that, when fully activated, serves the whole as portal to the entire universe, one unique vessel pouring love love love, always and everywhere, with no expectation, over and over, no end and no beginning. Just this. This vast being in which we live and move and have our being.

This morning, via email, via Jean Hudon


• An apostle of absolute Love KNOWS that the whole universe deeply loves every form of Life.

• An apostle of absolute Love FEELS the divine energy of infinite Love flowing in all things and between all beings.

• An apostle of absolute Love SHINES as infinitum the Universal Force of Love that he/she IS in every fiber of his/her being.

Within 25 years, the whole of humanity will have understood ALL OF THIS, not just intellectually, but to the very depths of the Living and Intelligent Energy that animates us all.

Because of this spiritual Realization, EVERYTHING will have changed on this Earth. In fact, it has already begun!

The need to own property for personal use is gradually disappearing to give way to a consciousness and a way of life within which nothing belongs to anyone and all share material resources fairly and frugally, so that everyone can lead a dignified life and reach their full potential, for the Highest Good of All.

The need to possess an exchange currency, physical or virtual, will thus disappear. There will be no more money anywhere, except in museums, and history books will tell how a society anxious at the thought of scarcity, where gaping inequalities divided people into social classes, has gradually become an egalitarian, happy, united society, living in a renewed earthly Paradise.

No more wars, no more famines, no more fears.

What you have just let into your consciousness will germinate, grow and gradually transform who you are so that the being of Light and Love that you have always been fully regains its FREEDOM!

So it is, and so shall it be, for ever and ever.

Apostles of absolute Love exist throughout the universe.

I am one… You are one… We all are, but many don’t know it yet. It’s up to each one of us, once awakened, to preach this good and wonderful news.

– Amanumenoum

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  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    Will read it again for the pleasure of imagining a world with less economic inequality.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      We begin here. And now. To create this new world, rather than staring in terror at the old one as it suffers complete ruination. The extreme of one demands our extreme of the other. Love, not Fear. It needs to guide us every single second of our days and our nights. Period!

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