On Confusion, Chaos, and What Could Come Next — IF WE DARE TO FOLLOW OUR OWN NATURES

I keep a list of articles that I “might” re-publish or at least refer to in this blog. The list is long, very long, right now, and all centering on the confusion about Syria plus the larger tumultuous geopolitical drama, cascading perspectives on what is or is not going down. I’ll reference just one here, and please note especially, towards the end of this video, insider and veteran of five American administrations Steve Pieczenik says that the idea of fostering purposeful confusion” through contradictory messages (e.g. “Assad must go” v. “We have no interest in replacing Assad”) is an old psyops maneuver to throws the enemy off balance. And yes, it also throws the American people off-balance. Indeed, it means that anything the Trump administration says or does now flames the fire of a seemingly infinite number of already formed opinions with reasons (perspectives, backstories) pro or con. Get the picture?

Pieczenik Explodes: Issues Warning to Trump, Mattis and McMaster about Going to WAR in Syria

Going further. Does it not seem to you that anything that is human-made — opinions, attitudes, world-views, methods of argumentation, backstories, religious and political beliefs, institutional, economic and governmental structures, cultural perspectives, ideologies, black/white thinking — does it not seem that all of this and more of what has been supposedly nailed in place, rooted in securely for years, sometimes for centuries!, as “obvious,” is not only now up for question, up for grabs, but has been pulled up, uprooted, and flung into increasingly whipsaw winds, swirling with all the rest of our linguistic and psychological and philosophical “data” as bits and pieces in the global maelstrom, a chaotic concatenation of whispers, screams, statements both rational and irrational — and does it not seem that this is where we live now, inside this monumental chaotic upswelling of the linguistic detritus of thousands of years of human civilization?

And if so, if this is what “chaos” looks like, then, for each of us, our only commandment must be to follow the Laws of our own Nature. To have total integrity, in thought, word and deed.


Because Nature knows what to do in any crisis. For example, a cut on my hand, how within an hour it stops bleeding, and then within a day begins to actually smooth over, become less painful, to obviously “heal.” Is not Nature’s capacity for healing on every scale miraculous? We think we understand her. But we don’t. She is just so much bigger and grander and deeper than any of our “theories,” “conjectures,” “proofs” — all, again, just more so-called “scientific” detritus thrown into the swirling chaos.

And think of our own bodies, what goes on inside them. Organs of specialized function, each with a permeable boundary system, all functioning together as one, helping each other out, cooperating. And of course, in this season of springtime, when the annual greening blushes nature into full-blown aliveness and birds and frogs and insects and human hormones quicken with their own astonished quivering renewal, who can deny the Life Force and it’s capacity to move underneath any mere human-caused “revolution” to the natural, mysterious resurgence of all that is good, all that is holy?

And if so, again, what is required for the “dust to settle,” once the still accelerating chaotic turbulence begins to “die back” is that millions upon millions of individuals will have begun or continued to follow our own natures, each of us courageously expressing who we specifically are, our own uniqueness, our own passion for living on Mother Earth, fully, no holds barred, nothing held back. This intense direction-setting by each of us affects the frequency field of the chaotic whole, swirling together with others’ intensely felt directions, so that the emerging configuration, that which will arise as chaos settles down, will be natural, that of Mother Nature, of her Knowing, her Being, her Wisdom.

May it be so.

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  1. Janice Berndt says:

    Beautifully said…thank you, and thank goodness for the beauty of Spring to remind us of the passion for living.

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