As beautiful spring surges up from below, I greet the bleak, dystopian morning.


No matter how we may parse the ongoing, unfolding complex and multifaceted drama in Syria and across the world thanks to what appears to be the flailing disintegrating American empire; no matter who’s “responsible,” and who’s “justified” in murdering, not only human babies, but infant humanity which has been stuck at the level of a two-year old child yelling “me” “no” and “mine” for thousands of years; no matter how much our distraction/addiction-riddled populace can only look down into screens rather than up into the starry sky, while “talking heads” and other so-called intelligentsia busy themselves importantly “figuring out” what just happened, why, how, what now and especially, who wins this zero-sum game; no matter all of the above and more, we do seem to be suffering from a great die-off of all that is holy just as beautiful Spring once again, mysteriously surges up from below in the northern hemisphere of our Mother Earth.

To some — and to me in certain moods — the only question is which way shall we go extinct? Via nuclear holocaust (now seemingly licking the edges of consciousness like never before) or via global heating, or cooling? Over ten years? 100 years? 1000?

Does it matter? We will all die, someday (including those who fancy themselves about to become immortal machines). We will all loose our vast selves from the confines of this tiny bit of matter fashioned temporarily into “human” form in mere decades, at best. So let us keep our own death in mind; let honor Death as our closest constant companion. Let us recognize that inside each and every dying moment we invite ourselves to wake up, wake up, wake up.


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3 Responses to As beautiful spring surges up from below, I greet the bleak, dystopian morning.

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Keep the faith, dear.

    “And all of this desperate scrambling is occurring while five planets are in retrograde cycles. Which means that once these planets go direct – the energetic cavalry rides in for clean-up. And the clean-up won’t just be on aisle nine. It will be the whole city block where the grocery store used to be.

    “Currently, we’re missing the great balancing energies of Saturn, the hard-core drill sergeant teacher and karma king, Venus, the goddess of aesthetics, passion and balanced femininity, Pluto, the planet of hidden secrets, death and rebirth, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and creativity, and Mercury the Planet of communication, all withdrawing their energies from the orb of earth at this time.

    “When they go direct – which happens in stages — Saturn comes in with hard-knuckled, impassable karmic lessons that are backed with the powerful wallop from angry Venus whose spurned feminine sensibilities then bring down the thunder, Jupiter pops back in with hopeful enthusiasm and boundless energies for new world systems to be built, all while Pluto’s re-birthing backs Jupiter’s mission and airs everybody’s dirty laundry in a perfectly articulate way, once conversational Mercury pops back into position. It’s a time-release onion being peeled, yet it ends up smelling like a rose.

    “Indeed, we have a universal tear-it-down-and-build-it-up whistle-blowing recipe that’s upcoming.

    “This is exactly what a dying giant looks like — as it teeters and falls. It’s awkward, and a little scary. And it makes one hell of a noise when it hits the ground. It’s time to adjust the way we look at this system, and the way we interact with it.

    “We’re right on schedule. Cue the #FirewallForLove.

    “Go be Love. The World needs you.”

  2. John Isaacs-Young says:

    Being is dying by loving

  3. Brie says:

    Beautiful, concise.
    Again, I find my psyche cannot handle even 5 minutes of mainstream.
    It doesn’t matter the channel.
    All I hear is Fear.
    Death is natural. Death is imminent. Keeping Death a close friend is wise.
    What frightens me, is the fear/paranoia laced TONES with which mass media pervades the public subconscious.
    So, again, I’m flipping it off every chance I get.
    I don’t need to know all the details to know that more are dying at the hands of greed and military machinery. I can’t even devote much mental energy to imagining how we are going to commit mass suicide. Can only get to know my relationship with life and death in concerns to my own life and the Earth….what a miracle Spring is!

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