More commentary on Syria missile strike: Robert David Steele, Bix Weir — AND, what’s of most value, no matter what.

I watched a video from Robert David Steele on his reactions to the Syria missile strike last night (see below). Early this morning I saw that Kauilapele has posted the Pieczenik and Steele videos as well, plus another one from Bix Weir, which KP found most plausible. I tend to agree, or at least to want to agree! Both the Pieczenik and Weir videos assume Trump knows very well what he’s doing. The Steele video, however, says that due to lack of experience and faulty advisors he’s gone way off track.

I posted the Pieczenik video yesterday, here.


For one more “insider” viewpoint, see this, which basically tends to agree with Steele, that Trump has been tricked, in this case conned by his own emotions (or perhaps, daughter Ivanka’s emotions).

Of course, the obvious question to ask here, is all this a distraction? And if so, from what? Pedophilia? Antartica? Something we’ve never even heard about?

Astonishing, and confusing for the uninitiated into the infinite space within which all “forms” rise and fall, how every point of view on or in any situation can be “validated” in one or many ways!  Which reminds me:  what is of most value is to set one’s own direction in life — and to persevere, no matter what. I.e., stop caving into fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) of what “they” are doing that is out of your control. Stop trying to “figure it out.” Let go of paralysis, follow your heart, and act accordingly! For example, here, on this little piece of holy ground, our Green Acres Village and Urban Farm, like everyone and everything else, is going through — and I’d say quite successfully and even joyfully at this point — lurching evolutionary changes. More on that later.

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