Saturn turns to go retrograde on same day that Trump both orders Syria missile strike and meets China’s Xi Jinping

This year the season of spring in the northern hemisphere coincides with another great turning, in the opposite direction — backwards. While Nature’s arousal into fuller life proceeds apace, several planets in the heavens above turn, to go backwards.

First is Saturn, which turned to go retrograde early in the morning, at 1:06 AM on April 6 at 27°48 Sagittarius, exactly conjunct the Galactic Center. This also happens to be the exact degree of my own natal Sun, and, as you can imagine, I have been feeling very Saturnine since Saturn entered that degree in early March — stern, serious, disciplined, at times lonely, cold, formal; needing to make plans, to structure reality, to “get real, to “go it alone” . . . And, during the slow-down that preceded the Saturn turning this past week, life has moved at a hauntingly slow, frustrating pace.

Now here comes the strange part:  the Syrian missile attack also happened to occur on that same day, at 8:45 p.m. only about 18 hours after Saturn turned. Not sure what to make of this co-incidence, but indeed it does feel like a very Saturn event, in the sense of an exceedingly serious decision that has galvanized the entire world one way or another.

For me, who woke up during the radio broadcast of the Hiroshima event at the age of two, the possible nuclear implications of Trump’s decision hit like a blow to the stomach. But what’s amazing this time, is I did not feel alone in my sense that this appeared to be an exceedingly reckless act that could very well trigger World War III. The entire world seems to be waking up to what looks like Trump’s rash action. But was it? Deep insider Steve Pieczenik asks us to see the air strikes, intentionally coincident with Trump’s first meeting with the President of China, as an illustration of “the kabuki of war.”

(Never mind that this unilateral strike was most likely the “response” to yet one more precisely dated false flag, unconstitutional as hell, the signature of dictatorial control in a supposed democratic republic — but, hey, who’s the dictator? Whose really in charge?)

If Pieczenik is correct, then his event was not at all impulsive and rash, but instead deliberately planned and strategically executed. Very Saturn. Serious business with serious consequences.

This compelling event was initiated as the transiting Sun began to light up the intensely transformative and unpredictable long-running Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus/Eris T-cross — and will end about a week later, when it completes that crossing. For now, intensity is building.

And yet Mercury turns to go retrograde tomorrow, at 4°47 Taurus, for three weeks. Rethinking is in order. Frankly, I’m glad Mercury is in steady, grounded Taurus when it turns, for that tends to slow down rash language — until March 21, when it slides back into fiery, impulsive Aries.

One final note here: the Sabian symbol for 28° Sagittarius (Sabian symbols are always read as the next degree up):

An Old Bridge Over A Beautiful Stream

Might this serious Saturn event during a hugely transformative moment initiate some kind of process that will actually reveal a way forward that works for all? A sampling of initial MSM reports of the outcome of the meeting is instructive. Trump cites “tremendous progress” and Xi Zinping has issued an invitation to Trump for a state visit to China.

And guess what? Trump’s birthday is June 14 and Xi Zinping’s June 15. Both Geminis. Twins?



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