“Syrian Attack” probable FALSE FLAG

Donald Trump may be bamboozled by the latest probable false flag —

Syrian attack has changed my view of Assad, says Donald Trump

— but we who have awakened are not.

Ron Paul: Zero chance Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

WHY? Because it’s all part of an orchestrated plan. See the following videos. Please.

Excerpt from the beginning of the above video:

“If you uncover what the hidden hand wants to do, and nothing intervenes to stop that agenda happening, then you’re going to predict the future.” [In reference to Icke’s predictions that are now coming true.]

Syria: “It’s an agenda that’s unfolding before our eyes. The “totalitarian tip-toe.” They start at A and are going to Z. They go from A to B to D, in the biggest steps as they can, but not so big that people will look up from the game show and say “what’s going on?” So to hide the pattern, they have to try to make each step, each dot. appear to be random, in and of itself. Apply this to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan . . .what we’re told is that these were random military interventions based on things that were individual to these countries.”

“September 2000 when the neo-con organization called Project for A New American Century had among its number Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and so on. They soon became officials in the Bush administration. This organization produced a document calling on America to militarily instigate regime change in a series of countries — including Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and China and North Korea as great threats to the world. They said that this should be done by multi-theater wars to make these regime changes. And they also said they would need a catastrophic event. A few months later, these same people came to power, and nine months after that came 9/11, the “new Pearl Harbor.” This justified the War on Terror to pick off these countries. See General Wesley Clark’s testimony of taking out “five countries in seven years.”

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