Robert David Steele: “We have reached the end of our descent into hell.”

By which Steele means: we can’t go further down, so corrupt has become our war-mongering corporatist federal government. He predicts that, if we don’t this ship of state around, and very very soon, within ten years sections of the “United States” will break off.

So yes, once again, I’m extremely impressed by the articulate, hard hitting, and above all, solutions-oreinted wisdom of Robert David Steele. Go to youtube for his many videos. Here’s a recent one, from Oslo, in which he claims, among other things, that former CIA Director John Brennan’s lies did more for the now surging awareness of the Deep State than all of Steele’s efforts over the last 30 years. BTW: 30 years is a Saturn cycle; one Saturn cycle later, the seeds of Steele’s message have taken root. His words are now broadcasting to a larger and larger audience. Let’s hope he gets Trump’s ear soon.


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