A Personal, Tesla-esque, Tale

Way back in 1980, I called my kids in Massachusetts where they lived for the school year with their Dad. It was an unusual call, in that I had something that I knew they too, would want to explore: my discovery of Nikola Tesla. Excitedly, I spoke to Sean about this extraordinary man that, until then, I had never heard of. “Wow, that’s amazing, Mom. Because I too have just discovered him, and am in the midst of writing a term paper on his work.”

I reminded son Colin Cudmore of this phone call the other day. He actually remembers it. Says he was 14 at the time, and Sean 16. And that they were both blown away by Tesla (as was their Dad, I imagine, himself an inventor: Patrick Cudmore).

What interested me even more was the fact of the synchronicity of our mutual discovery. Though 2000 miles apart, we had all “chanced” on the same astounding deceased inventor at the same time.

I decided to google “Tesla and synchronicity” — and came up with this clip — from the movie “Synchronicity”!  — which gives some idea of why Tesla should be famous.

But the original nudge for this particular post comes from facebook, the other day, when I saw that Jordan Sather, my new young favorite citizen investigator, put up his view of Tesla and why he’s still not taught in high school. Which makes me wonder how Sean found him way back then — 37 years ago!.

Hmmm. Did his iconoclastic, inventor Dad put Sean up to it? It didn’t occur to me at the time. I wonder if Colin, who grew up to become an inventor himself (see Colin Cudmore, Garden Tower Project), remembers. Or maybe all four of us discovered Tesla on the same day? And if so, then I’d say our little nuclear family, which fissioned off early on, was, on another, invisible level, still very much intact.

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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Do you have a web address for the Tesla screenshot? I tried searching the Free Thought Project .com, but no luck.

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