Meditation on Impermanence

While we are seemingly hardwired to seek safety, security, structures both material and invisible to stop time and immobilize space, of course Nature keeps surprising us. And of course, we don’t understand why She does that, and try like hell to “figure it out.” This video shows us both sinkholes appearing all over the planet, swallowing land, people, cars, houses, roads without warning —  and one possible (electrical) “theory” to account for them. Question: do our theories make us feel more safe? What prompts our need for figuring something out? Do we think we can thereby control Nature? HA!

Thanks to shiftfrequency.

Sinkholes: The Groundbreaking Truth


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  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    Wow. Thank you for this world tour of sinkholes! Let people know they need to reserve at least a half hour to take in this meditative view. I will send it on to my son-in-law.

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