American “Exceptionalism”: Willful blindness to seven decades of near-continuous global slaughter

I see today that Americans consider North Korea our greatest “enemy.”

Who Americans Consider Their Great Enemies

Of course, we’ve forgotten what we did to North Korea. Or maybe we never knew. I certainly didn’t know. Never even thought about it. I was eight years old when that war started. All I knew was that I was terrified lest it blow up into a nuclear conflagration. I didn’t even consider what our soldiers were doing to the people there.

Americans Have Forgotten What We Did to North Korea


And there is another misconception, one that Americans might not want to hear but that is important for understanding the hermit kingdom: Yes, much of its anti-Americanism is cynically manufactured as a propaganda tool, and yes, it is often based on lies. But no, it is not all lies. The US did in fact do something terrible, even evil to North Korea, and while that act does not explain, much less forgive, North Korea’s many abuses since, it is not totally irrelevant either.

That act was this: In the early 1950s, during the Korean War, the US dropped more bombs on North Korea than it had dropped in the entire Pacific theater during World War II. This carpet bombing, which included 32,000 tons of napalm, often deliberately targeted civilian as well as military targets, devastating the country far beyond what was necessary to fight the war. Whole cities were destroyed, with many thousands of innocent civilians killed and many more left homeless and hungry.


Remember  daily “body counts” during the Vietnam War, presented on nightly news as trophies? By that time I was a young mother and graduate student in my twenties,  stunned into submission by the Kennedy assasination.

Let’s rear back and consider how many people the American military has killed since World War II.

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II

Actually, the numbers might even be higher.

Earth: 248 armed conflicts after World War II; U.S. started 201 of them (81%), killing 30 million so far. Arrests are when now?

The last post was written in 2014. Wonder what those counts are now. Hard to say. Both the wars and the body counts smear together as the rampage continues, unabated, its funding increased in 2017  by $54 billion.

And we wonder why the world’s peoples hate America?

Or do we care.

Do we even notice.



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