Paths to Resilience: How do we both acknowledge the depths of evil while opening the heart to love?

The question of this title is my daily practice. Every day, in all ways, I strive to uphold and fuel the light of the divine while feeling my way through the deep dark.

As 2017 marches on, the contrast between the vile corruption and stuckness of the old world and the vibrant aliveness of the new world could not be clearer.

While at a Sufi gathering in Madison, Wisconsin, last weekend, in circles dancing to and in the light of the soul —

I was also, during breaks, speaking my mind to those who might hear.

I can’t remember how one such discussion started; probably with yet another  remark about Donald Trump that vilified everything he is and is not doing. I often keep my mouth shut when those with whom I used to identify politically continue the neo-liberal rant against the new U.S. administration, refusing to even consider the possibility that Trump might be getting some things right, or at least, that his heart and soul are in the right place, and desperately need education as to staffing, strategies, tactics, not to mention overall vision of what really, could be “great” about America, while beset by enemies on all sides in the D.C. political swamp.

All I remember is that I started with MK Ultra victim Kathy O’Brien’s book, Trance Formation of America, asking those present to get the book and read it. And when they do, I told them, they won’t believe it; just like I didn’t believe it. In fact, that I didn’t believe it helps me understand how difficult it is for people who are just now hearing about the unspeakable depths of the global swamp to even entertain such notions as child trafficking, pedophilia, snuff films, organ harvesting for sale, and so on. One woman, in response to me, said right there, “I don’t believe you now!” I looked at her and said, I’m not surprised. How could you believe what I’m saying when it flies in the face of all that you know is good? Especially here at a Sufi gathering that embraces and celebrates visions of the divine as set into various forms by all the world’s religions?

And yet, it is real, it is here, among us. And Trump is aware, and signalling that he will tackle it, if not head-on, then sideways.

What we’ve got to remember, is that these evil practices of global reach are used to blackmail people in high positions to do the will of those who then become their controllers.

Here’s the free pdf book Fred Burks of recommends, as the best exhaustive introduction to the subject.

“The free, online book Lifting the Veil is far and above the best summary I’ve ever seen of all that is going on in our world. Author Timothy Silver masterfully takes us behind the scenes to learn about the hidden forces which dramatically shape world politics and ultimately affect the lives of every one of us.”




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