Pieczenik, Gorsuch, and Psyops: what is real?

Re: Supreme Court Candidate Gorsuch. What’s not to like? He’s from Colorado, he’s handsome, dignified, young enough to be on the court for decades; he loves the outdoors, he went to all the “right schools” . . .

This from lifelong deep insider Steve Pieczenik. Not that he is infallible — indeed, much of what he says may be psyops — but I do take heed of what Pieczenik says here. (This video has gotten a lot of press. Will it make a difference to the nomination process?)

Meanwhile, here’s respected investigative journalist Robert Parry’s long, detailed research paper on the supposed origins of PSYOPS in the U.S.

How US Flooded the World with Psyops

Remember, one way or another, we are all, always, being “played” by forces of which we know little or nothing to subscribe to be-LIE-fs designed to further the short and long-term aims of Empire.

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