Re: that Alex Jones “apology” — pizzagate vs pedogate

David Icke warned, months ago, that “pizzagate” itself may be a red herring, designed to distract from the horror of genuine massive international pedophilia networks; and that when and if “pizzagate” proved to be fake news, its take down could/would then taint all  other news of widespread pedophilia infecting every element of society. While Icke applauded the many independent citizen journalists investigating pizzagate after the release of the weird, seemingly coded John Podesta emails — and of course I personally have no idea whether or not any particular story is real — it does seem wise to distinguish between “pizzagate” and “pedogate.”

On Alex Jones Pizzagate apology and the perils of subbing one conspiracy for another

Note however, that the meaning of this title (which is actually a compendium of some reactions to Jones’ prepared remarks) reads in an ambivalent manner. Does the language of the title of this blogger’s post make fun of all “conspiracies”?

We really do need to pay attention to how the meanings titles of posts so often differ substantially from what the posts, when we do bother to read through them, actually say.


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1 Response to Re: that Alex Jones “apology” — pizzagate vs pedogate

  1. alex simack says:

    Still not addressed in this matter by msm:

    1. Child pornographic contents of Mr. Alefantis’ formerly public
    Instagram page, plus images suggestive of ritualistic satanic abuse.

    2. Child pornographic/satanic ritual abuse in artwork owned by
    Podesta brothers.

    3. Associations of Clintons with above.

    4. Contents of emails with coded language recognized by FBI from the
    prosecution of other child pornographic rings.

    5. A lot more.

    It is really quite simple.

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