Recent pedogate busts, Dr. Phil — and Trump’s dilemma?

Here’s the Dr. Phil show Jordan references.

Human hunting parties were also referenced in MK Ultra survivor Kathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America, which I read back around the turn of the millennium and found it so horrifying that I just couldn’t believe it. Nor could I forget it. In fact, my extremely jaundiced view of Hillary Clinton dates from my reading of that book.

Jordan is right. That this abomination is now reaching the MSM via Dr. Phil is immensely significant, and might mean that we are being “prepped” for further revelations.

However, could this article be true?

Trump Sexual Assault Accuser Going Ahead with Lawsuit

Google “Trump raped 13-year-old” and you’ll see lots of links. How much is real? Does Trump do what other men — and women — in high position don’t do? I doubt it. Ours is a culture of rape. Rape (whether physical or emotional or mental or material, i.e., EXTREME VIOLATION) of all that is vulnerable — including young women and men, children, animals, the environment — and millions upon millions of people across this globe who fall victim to U.S. Empire’s wanton destruction of what or whoever dares to question its dominion.

And, given the (swirling, but so far, muted) allegations against him, does this mean that Trump will NOT pursue to the bitter end the purportedly 1/3 of all government employees who could be implicated in the decades-old human trafficking scandal that serves to blackmail them, thus ensuring compliance with the Deep Corporate State’s continuing attempt to lock the entire human race into its mad rush to oblivion?

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4 Responses to Recent pedogate busts, Dr. Phil — and Trump’s dilemma?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow. Thanks, Chris. The relentless Alt-media investigation does seem to be ramping up, as well as bleed-over into the MSM.

  1. rose day says:

    re: Washington Post reference…this is the same Washington Post that recently hired
    John Podesta as a contributing columnist…a bit of discernment might be in order.

  2. yes, Rose, Discernment is almost always a positive thing.

    i’ve gotten into the habit of trying to practice Discernment as i monitor the Main Flush Media to see what is being feed to the Sheeple (the “liberal” Sheeple) –i even read David Brooks at the Old Grey Lady.

    but i try to turn that Discernment off whenever i view Hagiographic videos of interviews with St. Vladimir which spend excessive time tossing Hard Ball questions at him aimed at revealing the details of his support for his favorite protégé, Mr. Assad.

    Selective Discernment is best.

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